Ranking the Top Five Soccer Home Field Advantages Around The World

Via foottheball.com

Ranking the Top Five Soccer Home Field Advantages Around The World


Ranking the Top Five Soccer Home Field Advantages Around The World


Via foottheball.com

In every sport, the idea of home field, home ice, or home court advantage seems to play a role in outcomes of a season. However just how important is it really to how a game is played? We as fans see the road teams go into loud buildings all the time and come out victorious. Nevertheless, the notion that a crowd can’t control a game is simply wrong and home field or home court does indeed come into play, especially come playoff time. Here are the top five home field advantages in the sport of soccer around the globe:

  1. Estadio Azteca, Club América

-Ask players about this stadium and many will tell you that it’s pretty tough to play here. It gives the home team an advantage like no other and lands on this list at number five. Whether it’s Club América or the Mexican National Team playing as the home team, this stadium is rough for opponents.

  1. Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich

-Home to the German giants, Allianz Arena is an extremely tough place for opposing squads to come into the leave victorious. Bayern Munich has been the staple of soccer in Germany for years and continues to do so. This stadium gives them a nice boost and their fans always show up.

  1. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Real Madrid

-The archrivals of Barcelona also have a top tier stadium and home field advantage. Madrid consistently is hard to beat at home and the club is one of the most winningest in the history of the game. Opposing teams struggle to win here and the club almost always finishes near the top of La Liga. It comes in at third on this list, right behind their rivals.

  1. Camp Nou, FC Barcelona

-Barcelona is one of the more historic clubs in all of soccer and their stadium is a thing of beauty. It’s one of the largest stadiums in Europe and the loyal fans are always rowdy and ready. Normally Barcelona is a powerhouse club but recently they have fallen off a bit. However, they will be back on top soon and this stadium is one of the reasons for their success at home.

  1. Old Trafford, Manchester United F.C.

-It had to be Old Trafford. It’s one of the most classic stadiums around the world and in the sport of soccer. While Manchester United hasn’t always lived up to expectations, the faithful fans pack the stadium every time they can. The Red Devils will always have a clear home advantage in this stadium, and it helps them become ranked as the top spot on this list.

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