Jamaine Ortiz Outduels Jamel Herring in 135-Pound Bout

Amanda Westcott/Showtime

Jamaine Ortiz Outduels Jamel Herring in 135-Pound Bout


Jamaine Ortiz Outduels Jamel Herring in 135-Pound Bout


Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Jamaine Ortiz defeated Jamel Herring via unanimous decision in a lightweight bout on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Ortiz improved to 16-0-1 with the win. Herring and Ortiz felt each other out in the first round. The referee warned the two boxers of leading with their heads after Ortiz’s head made contact with Herring’s mouth.

Herring used round two to impose his authority on Ortiz. Near the end of the round, Ortiz started to let go of a burst of offense on Herring, which resulted in Herring being hurt by a straight right hand. The third round was more even as Herring and Ortiz exchanged fire. Ortiz continued to lead the dance and walk Herring down.

Herring worked Ortiz’s body in the fourth round and started to fight on the inside. Ortiz caught Herring several times with counters in the fifth round and seemingly won the round with his speed.

The sixth round began in Ortiz’s favor, but Herring earned respect with a left uppercut and a sequence of jabs in the final minute of the round. Herring showed more endurance in that round than in the previous two rounds. He did not seem to be as tired in the sixth round.

Ortiz had Herring puzzled in the seventh round when he continued to lower his guard, but Herring had trouble rushing in with his own offense. Ortiz closed out the seventh with an offensive flurry.

The defense worked in Herring’s favor in the eighth round but he failed to turn his defense into offense. Ortiz continued to jab away at Herring and he used his speed to his advantage.

Both fighters worked on the inside in the ninth round. Ortiz had a small advantage fighting in the pocket as he ripped off several combinations on Herring. Ortiz pushed Herring back against the ropes in the ninth and overpowered him at the end of the round. The 10th round was highly competitive but Ortiz was able to hold on to the win.

At 26 years old, this was the fight that Ortiz needed to win to stand out as a lightweight contender. With this win over Herring, Ortiz will be able to headline cards against top lightweight boxers.

With the loss, Herring will need to determine his next career move. He joined trainer Manny Robles’ camp in 2022. He will be at a crossroads in his career.

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