How Should The NFL Approach The Pro Bowl?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How Should The NFL Approach The Pro Bowl?


How Should The NFL Approach The Pro Bowl?


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports 

The NFL has recently announced they are discussing the possibility of eliminating the Pro Bowl, but what does that mean for the fans and players? 

For starters, the Pro Bowl game is practically a game of “two-hand touch football” but with NFL players. It’s not all exciting, as players are playing less competitively in this exhibition game amongst each other. Instead, it’s the events leading up to the game that are drawing more attention. The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown is where the fun begins! Players from the AFC and NFC teams compete against each other in various competitions that are based solely on certain skill sets. If the NFL does decide to get rid of the Pro Bowl game, should the Skills Showdown events take its place?

As the NFL Pro Bowl is an extra week for football fans and the stars of the game, the purpose of this unique experience should not be eliminated. Other sports have similar games, the MLB has the All-Star Game with the Home Run Derby, the NBA has their All-Star Game with the Slam Dunk Contest, and this tradition shouldn’t be eliminated from the NFL. 

Other Options

With the Pro Bowl game itself being less exciting every year, a way to replace the game is by bringing in the most popular events leading up to the game itself. Many fans seem to take a liking to the “Epic Dodgeball Game,” which is the one event that any player, no matter the position, can play. The dodgeball game is only limited to a few rounds and has a time limit. Instead, they could make it longer and have it be where each team has more players. 

Another event that the NFL should add is something from the past, where NFL quarterbacks would see who can throw the farthest. Players like Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and Aaron Rodgers would definitely make this event entertaining.


As the Pro Bowl game never really indulged the use of kickers and punters and seeing as they are part of the game, there should be a challenge for the kickers to see who can kick the longest and for punters to see who can punt the longest. I’m sure Justin Tucker would make quite the appearance as he currently holds the record for the longest field goal made in NFL history. 

The NFL could use this issue with the Pro Bowl to their advantage. The entire event doesn’t have to be eliminated altogether, just replace it with more unique events that can really show the talent that makes the NFL so competitive. Showcasing each position uniquely without having to play a full game of two-hand touch football makes it more desirable to watch. Especially when you have players not wanting to risk injury or can’t participate due to the Super Bowl. They could even move the Pro Bowl event until after the Super Bowl. These are just a few ways the NFL could approach the situation, and there are many more ways that this tradition can stay alive. The question is, will the NFL do the right thing or not? 


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