Free Agent Wide Receiver Watch

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Free Agent Wide Receiver Watch


Free Agent Wide Receiver Watch


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2022 NFL draft officially in the past, franchises can once again focus all of their attention on free agency. Although 13 wide receivers were selected within the first two rounds of the draft, many teams are still left with holes in their receiving corps. Luckily for those teams with remaining needs at receiver, there’s still some legitimate options available via free agency. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest names on the market and discuss possible landing spots for those veterans. 

  • Odell Beckham Jr. 

Destination 1: Los Angeles Rams

Closing shop in Cleveland and heading to Los Angeles was undoubtedly a fantastic move for Beckham Jr. Before discussing the idea of Beckham Jr. leaving the Rams, the reasoning to stay must be addressed. He played a key role in the offense despite joining the team late into the season and would likely have a similar role once returning from injury. It’s hard to argue with a ring, and Beckham Jr. must know that the Rams will be in contention once again next season. A chance to win and rehab from injury in a familiar place seems like a great option.  

Destination 2: Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens had a need at wide receiver before losing Marquise Brown. Now without Brown, the need is even more glaring. Baltimore still has the potential to pay multiple weapons while Lamar Jackson is on his rookie contract, making the need at receiver relatively urgent. Beckham Jr. could be tempted to take his talents to Baltimore and be the number one option on the outside. Some have criticized Jackson’s ability to throw the ball down the field, but the opportunity for Beckham Jr. to prove that he is still a number one receiver could trump that concern.  

Destination 3: Dallas Cowboys 

It’s fitting that a star like Beckham Jr. could join a team represented by a star through its logo. Dallas is known for dealing with stars and large personalities, Beckham Jr. could be the next one if he is interested in heading back to the NFC East. A pairing of Beckham Jr. and  CeeDee Lamb would surely be entertaining. However, money is the biggest obstacle in this situation as Dallas lost various veterans due to cap space issues. If the Dallas front office finds a way to clear up some space for the veteran, it may be an ideal fit. 

  • Julio Jones

Destination 1: Indianapolis Colts

If it worked in Atlanta, why not try it in Indianapolis? A Matt Ryan-Julio Jones reunion would be fascinating and likely beneficial for both parties. Outside of Michael Pittman Jr, there’s more questions than answers for the Colts at receiver. Adding Jones would bring some familiarity to their new quarterback while expanding the offense. By the way, there would be no better way for Jones to poke the Titans back after his release than joining their division rival. 

Destination 2: Green Bay Packers 

The Packers added Christian Watson in the second round of the draft, but there is still more room at the receiving position in Green Bay. As a huge target, it’s hard to imagine that Aaron Rodgers would struggle getting Jones the football. For Jones, Green Bay offers a chance to win, great quarterback play and a need for a number one receiver. That should be more than enough to make Jones consider packing his bags for Wisconsin. 

Destination 3: Los Angeles Chargers 

The Chargers should obviously do everything they can to help their young quarterback, Justin Herbert, succeed. Adding Julio Jones would surely be an aggressive move, but it may pay off in the long run. The Chargers already have Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, but they may be interested in sliding another big-name receiver into their roster. A trio of Allen, Williams and Jones would be one of the most physically dominant receiving corps in the league. It seems that stars are often attracted to Los Angeles. Jones could follow that same philosophy and chase a ring with the Chargers in the competitive AFC West. 

  • Jarvis Landry 

Destination 1: Cleveland Browns

With Deshaun Watson coming to town, it could be tempting for Landry to stay in Ohio and catch footballs from the former Pro-Bowl quarterback. The Browns added Amari Cooper this offseason, but they could still use a veteran to place next to Cooper. Landry is obviously familiar with the franchise and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he wants to stay a Brown after a serious upgrade at quarterback. 

Destination 2: New Orleans Saints 

There’s still some questions surrounding the Michael Thomas situation, making the Saints a possible destination for multiple veteran receivers. New Orleans traded up to select Chris Olave in the first round of the NFL draft, but it may be wise to place another veteran next to the young receiver. The Saints have a dynamic offense already, but adding a veteran voice like Landry could be a great idea for a team with a new head coach and lots of young talent. As a former LSU Tiger, heading back to Louisiana may sound ideal to Landry. A combination of Thomas, Olave and Landry must sound super appealing to quarterback Jameis Winston. 

Destination 3: Baltimore Ravens

As mentioned earlier, the Ravens are in need of adding another receiver after losing Marquis Brown in a trade with the Cardinals. Landry could stay within a division he is familiar with, the AFC North, and head to Baltimore to play for a Super Bowl contender. Landry could be a great reliable target for a young quarterback like Jackson who will need all the help he can get in a competitive division and conference. The Ravens have plenty of options on the free agent market, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Landry gets consideration from the franchise.

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