Creating a NBA Team Using NFL Players

Via The LA Times

Creating a NBA Team Using NFL Players


Creating a NBA Team Using NFL Players


Via The LA Times

Every year we hear stories about how some athletes played dual sports in college or high school and how it helps them in their respective sport. Often, it’s basketball players that turn out playing football but what if it was the other way around. Let’s explore how an NBA team could be created using NFL players:

Center: Calais Campbell

-As for the center, you need a big body that can take up space in the painted area. At six foot eight, Campbell fits the mold perfectly. His size would allow him to move people out of the way to grab rebounds and have easy shot attempts. He is a strong person who could create mismatches against the opposition and make life tough. Think of Campbell as an enforcer down low and he fits the center position pretty well. Think of Campbell as the Dwight Howard for this team.

Power Forward: Rob Gronkowski

-The power forward is a position that relies on having a bigger body that can be tough in the paint but with today’s NBA, they need to be able to step out to the three-point line and shoot as well. Gronk seems like the perfect fit here due to his size and frame. I trust that he would be able to hold his own in the paint, while also being able to take the defense with him and knock down perimeter shots. Think of Gronk as the Deandre Ayton for this team.

Small Forward: Mike Williams

-The small forward position is normally the best athlete on the team. Williams is listed at six foot four which is great for this team. His range to be able to go up and catch passes allows him to be an ally-oop threat every time down the court. He has good hands and uses his length to win the 50/50 balls. Williams relies on his athleticism and can step outside to knock down shots as well. Think of him as the Paul George for this team.

Shooting Guard: Ja’Marr Chase

-Chase can do it all. He has speed, quickness, agility, and is strong with his footwork. He instantly comes in and can be a bucket all game long. When he gets on a roll, there is no stopping him and he should be able to drain threes all game. Think of Chase as the Devin Booker for this roster.

Point Guard: Russell Wilson

-The point guard is like the quarterback of the team since it is their job to run the offense and get everyone set up. I like Wilson in this spot because he can command an offense and is quick enough to have the ability to get to the rim. He is a smaller quarterback but while he is small for NFL quarterback standards, he is normal height for a point guard. Wilson running the offense would be able to create his own shot while having the passing ability to create scoring chances and lift his teammates up as well. Think of Wilson as the Ja Morant for this team.

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