Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Series Preview 5/31-6/1 2022

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Series Preview 5/31-6/1 2022


Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Series Preview 5/31-6/1 2022


Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The story of the Reds season has been how drastically different the first two months have been. In the month of April, the Reds were far and away the worst team in baseball, but in May that was not the case. Since that three and 22 start the Reds have gone 13 and nine giving them the seventh best record over that span. Let’s see how the month of June will treat them.

Reds Record 16-31

Red Sox Record 23-26

Pitching matchups: 


Luis Castillo 4.35 ERA vs Michael Wacha 2.83 ERA


Hunter Greene 5.89 ERA vs Gerret Whitlock 3.49 ERA

What to watch for:

Will the pitching be able to cool down Boston’s hot offense?

I mentioned how the Reds have the seventh best record over the last month, one of those seven teams happens to be the Boston Red Sox. Even though their start was not nearly as bad, Boston still struggled early in the year. They have turned it around of lafter mainly due to Trevor Story going on an absolute tear. This offense is very good and very deep, it will be a big test for Luis Castillo and Hunter Greene who have been impressive of late.

Who steps up now?

It seems like every series the Reds have someone come out of nowhere and play a major part in why they win. This past series it was Albert Almora Jr who went four for 11 with four RBIs and plenty of great defensive plays. The Reds will likely need to score plenty of runs if they want a shot against this hot Red Sox team.

Keys to a series win

There is always a lot you could say here but I think the biggest key will be the Reds bullpen. The Reds have two guys in their pen who have been unreal, those guys are Alexis Diaz (1.19 ERA) and Jeff Hoffman (2.22 ERA) despite those numbers as a team the Reds still have the third Bullpen ERA. The bullpen was the reason they failed to sweep the Giants after Tyler Mahle nearly no hit them.

Series Prediction

Two of the league’s hottest teams in the month of May get to end this month and start the next one. It is a shame we only get a two game series because this would have been a good one. I know the odds of getting swept or sweeping a team greatly increase in a two game series but I do not see that happening. I think this will be a series split due to the fact the Reds will get a great start from either Castillo or Greene. I think both teams are playing too well to get swept right now.


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