2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition


Iverson Molinar: Mississippi State Junior Guard 


  • Well rounded game, good slasher off rip, can head fake and drive in off the catch, makes one effective dribble move and gets to his spot, the solidly quick first step 
  • Displays good touch and craft as a finisher, uses the glass well, love how he up-fakes and keeps pivot foot down on the ground to shed a defender and finish over them 
  • Slippery ball-handler who makes good use of hesitation dribbles to beat his man off the bounce weaves his way in and out of some traffic well plays with a nice pace, and feel 
  • Good scorer in the p&r, this is where the bulk of his mid-range games come from, does a good job of putting a defender on his back, the best trait is his mid-range floater in the lane 
  • Projects to bring value as a shooter, replicable form from three, moves well off the ball, excellent free throw shooter which is a positive indicator, good tough shot maker 


  • He’s 6-feet-3-inches but a small 6-feet-3-inches as he looks undersized on the court, feels apparent against tall and big framed guards, he will match up against more of those guys in the league 
  • Outside shooting numbers have fallen off year to year, shot 43% from three last year but 25% this year on the same volume of 3.4 attempts per game, just an odd trend 
  • Still can struggle to create space when first dribble move doesn’t work, can get stuffed at the rim due to lack of vertical athleticism, can’t play well through heavy contact 
  • Not a good passer, doesn’t use scoring gravity in the p&r as much as he should, limited vision and instincts as a passer, prone to turnovers even with experience
  • Could afford to add strength in his upper body, this will help him as a finisher and slasher, not the best shot selection in some games, doesn’t offer positive defense at the position
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