2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition


Dereon Seabron: NC State Sophomore Guard 


  • Relentless slasher, super tall for a guard at 6’7, goes from slow to fast speed so well, quick first and second step, great rim pressure despite poorly spaced driving lanes
  • Very good ball handler, nasty crossover dribble which he uses to get downhill, can cross back to his left side and slash on that end, nice touch and craft as a finisher 
  • Excellent rebounder, nonstop hustle on the boards, active on the defensive and offensive glass, likes to put back his own misses, high energy and motor player 
  • Solid playmaking instincts, good transition passer, loves finding teammates with overhead dimes, great potential as a drive and kick playmaker in the half-court 
  • Has an NBA role due to potential as a rim pressure guard, won’t be stopped from getting to the rim even with clogged college driving lanes and an 180-pound frame 


  • Poor outside shooter, isn’t willing to expand his game out to the three point line or in the mid range game, 25% from three, team go under and leave him with lots of space
  • Does have a very thin frame, only weighs 180 pounds despite being 6’7, hasn’t been an issue in college but this will present itself with its fair share of problems in the NBA 
  • Lacks variety as a space creator, doesn’t have go to dribble moves besides a basic cross and drive into the paint, relies on burst too much, predictable offensive game
  • Not a natural ball-handler in the p&r, not his role in college but that’s more of a focus in the NBA, not able to make the high level passes to a roller or popper despite his height 
  • Not a standout defender, some positional versatility but has to guard opposing wings and not guards, bad lateral mover against guards, can be too weak against wings
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