2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition


Jeremy Sochan: Baylor Freshman Forward 


  • Elite on-ball defender, 6-foot-9-inches with long arms, active feet and hands, high motor, disrupts handlers in the p&r, can switch every screen, denies post entries well, guard 2-5 upside
  • Special off-ball defender, anticipates plays with perfect timing, elite passing lane interference, length and IQ make his help rotations effective, terrific communicator 
  • Moves so fluidly for size, incredibly long strides, can handle it in the half court, ton of slashing self creation upside, strong jab move to set up a left to right spin and finish
  • Offers nice play finishing, good finisher with his right hand, cuts well into space, nice touch around the rim, self creation finishing tools, developing a short mid range jumper
  • Premier offensive versatility, can be a p&r handler or roller, is able to initiate some offense with a screen, natural way for him to attack downhill, good feel as a roll man 
  • Nice passing flashes, makes high IQ reads out of those p&r sets, shovel passes to bigs, extra cross court skip passes, excellent offensive rebounder, actively boxes out 


  • The outside game on offense is slowly improving but still just not there, doesn’t offer much floor spacing value, bad three point shooter, limited shot-creator outside of 12 feet 
  • Shot mechanics need to be reworked, awful free throw shooter, inconsistent hand placement, doesn’t hold his follow through on his spot up jumpers, poor lift/jump 
  • Without any kind of jumper his offensive game will still be severely handicapped, won’t force defenders to close out which minimizes his value as an off the dribble slasher 
  • Self-creation game still a work in progress, needs open space to drive and finish without a screen, the handle can get loose against pesky defenders, minimal dribble counters 
  • Can get beat moving laterally with shifty guards, won’t match up against smaller point guards in NBA, still fouls a decent big because he can’t stay all the way vertical
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