2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition


Ismael Kamagate: Plays for Paris Basketball, 21-year-old Center


  • A tantalizing physical and athletic profile, great height and wingspan combo at 6-feet-11-inches with a 7-foot-3-inch wingspan, agile mover in tight space, great 2nd jump that he times up very well 
  • One of the top shot blockers in the class, contests shots without fouling, flashes timely rotations with strong help instincts, adjusts his arms in mid-air to stay vertical very well 
  • Terrific post defender, long arms help him front and get deflections, defends on the perimeter, great lateral mover for size, versatile p&r defender, thrive in a switch or drop  
  • Great play finisher at the rim, large catch radius, finishes every lob even off a bad pass, uses the dunker spot well, has all the tools to be a quality vertical spacer in NBA 
  • Like his potential as a roll man, good at slipping screens, nice feel of how to find himself open off a roll to the rim, soft hands, bit of upside as a short roll playmaker 
  • Developing a mid-range game, hook shot off a spin to his right, active offensive rebounder, boxes out well and uses two hands, can tip the ball to a teammate


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