2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition

NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: February Edition


Hugo Besson: Plays for the New Zealand Breakers, 20 year old Guard 


  • Good finisher at the rim, has a lot of craft and touch around the basket, can finish with his right and left hand, flashes of finishing through contact when he has space
  • Good at drawing fouls on his way to the hoop, sells contact very well as he can initiate contact with a defender, and swing arms in a way that gets the call, 80% from the line 
  • Has a tight handle that will do nicely at the next level, gets past his man with a semi-quick first step, good crossover move, and can add in some behind-the-backs dribbles
  • Isolation scorer at heart, talented shot-maker off the dribble, defenders must get out and contest the shot, can’t go under too many screens, smooth shot mechanics
  • Some projectable three-level scoring upside can get hot when the shot is falling at a high rate, potential to be a nice microwave scorer off the bench, fine playmaker


  • Will be undersized for a shooting guard in the league, he’s 6’3 but looks smaller, these size concerns are exacerbated by the lack of high level athleticism or standout frame
  • Gets tunnel vision as a scorer easily, puts his head down and goes right into a crowd without looking up or passing out of it, misses some easy shots like floaters in the lane
  • Can’t get past a big man off a switch enough, can struggle separating off bigger defenders in general, streaky three-point shooter, settles for difficult shots from three
  • Inconsistent passer with poor vision, bad decision maker, doesn’t make the right pass in the P&R too much, misses open guys and forces the ball into tighter windows
  • Bad defender on the perimeter and especially at the point of attack, struggles to close out to shooters in time, doesn’t offer any screen navigation, poor helping instincts


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