Three Reasons Why the Universal Designated Hitter is a Good Thing

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Three Reasons Why the Universal Designated Hitter is a Good Thing


Three Reasons Why the Universal Designated Hitter is a Good Thing


As MLB fans around the world wait for the lockout to come to an end, there have been some big changes already agreed upon. The biggest change to the game itself is the addition of the Designated Hitter in the National League.

Outside of the Covid shortened season, the Designated Hitter was always just an American League thing, but now both leagues will have it. There are some mixed opinions about this change but here are some reasons why it’s a good thing.

Reason 1: It can prolong the careers of all players 

This change will give both pitchers and position players opportunities to extend their careers. Pitchers will benefit simply because they can solely focus on pitching now, as there is a lot of added stress and movements for a pitcher when they hit which is why a lot of them do not try. This could lead to pitchers staying healthy and avoiding small injuries they can get from hitting or baserunning.

Position players can prolong their career because it allows them to be useful without playing the field. Look at guys like Nelson Cruz who are 41 years old and still hitting at a high level; his career has been so long and so impactful mainly because he has been a Designated HItter. This change will create more players like Nelson Cruz and will allow all players an opportunity to have a role in the MLB for longer.

Reason 2: Starting Pitchers can pitch deeper into the game

Keeping your best players in the game is something all sports fans understand. With this change, Starting Pitchers can now pitch until they start to struggle. A strategy often used when the game was close and about to end was to take your pitcher out when they came up to bat to try to score a run. Now, this is uncalled for and if your Ace is on the mound and dealing, he can stay in the game as long as he can.

Reason 3: IT’S FUN

Everyone knows the game of baseball is not for everyone but this is a fun change that could help grow the game. While the extremely rare pitcher hitting a home run was awesome, this change should lead to more runs being scored.

When the pitcher came up to hit they were looked at as a free out simply because they either struck out or bunted nearly every time. With that “free” out no longer being a thing, the opportunity to score runs increases. If MLB can start having more runs scored a game it could lead to more excitement and therefore help grow the game which is the ultimate goal.

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