Fantasy Implications of Alvin Kamara's Arrest

Fantasy Implications of Alvin Kamara's Arrest


Fantasy Implications of Alvin Kamara's Arrest


After playing in the Pro Bowl, New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara was arrested on a battery charge by Las Vegas Police. The charges stem from an incident where a victim reported being battered at a Las Vegas night club and Kamara was named the suspect.

It will be unlikely that Kamara will serve any time incarcerated, but there may be a chance that the league may take action against him in the form of a suspension.

If the league chooses to suspend Kamara, he will miss games at the start of the 2022 NFL season. There are many factors that go into the league’s decision-making on situations like this and we will likely know their response in the next few weeks.

The possibility of Kamara being suspended has massive fantasy football implications going into next season because of the possibility that he may miss games at the beginning of the season.

If Kamara is suspended, the Saints will have to replace his production and that will likely fall into the hands of second-year running back Tony Jones Jr.

Kamara was the starter for New Orleans last year and his attempts ranged from a low of eight attempts to a high of 30 attempts with a season average of 18 attempts. That leaves an average of 18 attempts that Kamara is leaving behind if he ends up being suspended.

Unless the Saints draft a running back, the hole left behind by Kamara will likely be split by Mark Ingram and Tony Jones Jr. I predict the split would be similar to how the Saints split the workload between Kamara and Ingram in past years.

Jones has the ability to outright beat Ingram for more of the workload as Ingram would be entering his 12th year in the league and his production is seeing a downturn.

You can see my full breakdown of Tony Jones film going into the 2021 season here

As the situation develops it may be a good idea to keep Tony Jones Jr. on the back of your mind come draft time.

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