2022 Quarterback Carousel Predictions

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2022 Quarterback Carousel Predictions


2022 Quarterback Carousel Predictions


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With the official retirement of Tom Brady, it’s time to look ahead at the impending 2022 quarterback carousel. Last season, we saw veteran quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Carson Wentz move to new cities in hopes of a fresh start. We also saw five rookie quarterbacks drafted to become the new face of their respective franchises. 

The 2022 quarterback market has the potential to be quite volatile, with some caveats. The first question that must be answered is: which teams will be in the market for a quarterback? The second question is: which teams will look to the draft to fill that void? 

We’ll start with the first question. And it’s not as cut and dry as previous seasons. There are the obvious vacancies in Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh left by the retirements of Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. After that are the teams stuck in quarterback purgatory: Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, Washington Commanders, and the Carolina Panthers. That leaves six possible teams looking for new hands under center. 

But what about possible veteran trades? Everyone knows of Aaron Rodgers’s uneasiness with a rebuild in Green Bay. Russell Wilson is said to be doing more in-depth research ahead of the offseason. Kirk Cousins could be traded as a new regime takes over Minnesota. And the Colts seem to be fed up with Carson Wentz after an abysmal final showing. 

Let’s take a look at how this year’s quarterback carousel could spin as the offseason unfolds. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2021 Starter: Tom Brady

2022 Prediction: Russell Wilson 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the more interesting cases in the NFL. Their roster is filled with loads of Super Bowl talent, but the retirement of Brady puts the front office in quite the predicament. Do they attempt to push for a veteran quarterback to make one more Lombardi push? Or do they start their rebuild in search of future success? 

I believe Jason Licht and Bruce Arians opt for the former and trade for Russell Wilson. They’ll have some cap management to do in order to bring back their veteran free agents, Chris Godwin, Ryan Jensen, Leonard Fournette, and Alex Cappa, but Licht will have no issues pushing their salary cap troubles down the road if it means another Lombardi. 

Following their loss to the Rams, Arians stated “Again, you never know what’s behind door No. 2. We kind of went down that road and it was Tom Brady. We’ll have to wait and see.” Russell Wilson is the perfect door number two. 

Wilson has wanted to be more involved in the offense and everyone wants to “Let Russ Cook.” What better way than to throw him in a system that gave Tom Brady a league-high 719 attempts. Wilson could thrive in Arians’ system and would truly be able to make a run in a quarterback-needy NFC.


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