2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


AJ Griffin: Duke Freshman Forward


  • Excellent physical profile, NBA ready frame, broad shoulders, strong upper and lower body, 6’6″ size with 7’0″ wingspan, gifted athlete with explosive above the rim athleticism 
  • Can create his own shot as well as anyone in the class, three-level scoring potential as he’s flashed high-level shot-making at the rim, from mid-range, and the three
  • Great three-point shooting prospect, smooth shot form especially off the catch, elite spot-up shooter, enticing pull-ups, shooting 44% from three and 50% since his load increased
  • Awesome handle/space creation flashes, comfortable driving into traffic, great step-back jumper to his left, hesitation crossover combos, excellent contact finisher
  • His flashes as a scorer are at a top-five prospect level, and he’s only 18 years old
  • Great cutter, such a good off-ball mover overall, explosive rim finishes off cuts, nice passing flashes, finds open man when he attracts help, lots of scoring gravity upside 
  • Plenty of potential on the defensive end, offers versatility, makes impressive rotations for blocks, good on-ball defender when engaged, plays the passing lanes well 


  • Serious injury concerns, had to miss time at the start of the year, has had a few known injuries early in his career, missed significant time in his last two years of high school
  • Admittedly his game is very flash heavy, had trouble getting in his groove on this Duke team, stats are nothing to ride home about but the flashes are what matter 
  • Plays too much off the ball in some games, needs to take more shots since he’s such a talented shot-creator, tendency to front rim a lot of his highly contested jumpers 
  • Not sure how good he will be as a passer in the league, mostly simple read and react stuff so far, can be a bit loose with his handle at times against good defenders
  • Not the best lateral mover, quickness has been an issue when guarding small players, has been blown by and not been able to recover, overall has to remain consistent 


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