2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


Trevor Keels: Duke Freshman Guard 


  • Easily the strongest guard physically, 6’4″ size with a 6’7″ wingspan and he weighs in at 220 pounds of muscle, can be a bruiser going to the rim due to size and strength  
  • Relentless point of attack defender, flips hips well, overwhelms his man with his physicality and strength, absolutely the guy you don’t want to match up against 1v1
  • Plays with lots of effort and intensity on defense, picks a ton of guys pockets for steals on the ball, willing to pick his man up past half-court, good off-ball screen navigator
  • Dangerous going downhill with a lane to attack on, forceful slasher in space, effective at bumping his man out of a play, great at absorbing and finishing through contact 
  • Capable spot-up shooter, good from the top of the key and the corners, nothing special but the fact that you can’t leave him open or go under screens elevates his ceiling
  • Solid initiator out of the P&R, can put his defender in jail, good lob passer, great at finding roll man when he slips, has a crafty floater shot with nice soft touch 


  • Three-point shooting numbers have fallen off a cliff, not a dynamic threat as a pull-up shooter, enough promise to keep a defense honest but that’s about it here 
  • Doesn’t get to the rim enough, below the rim finisher, relies on his strength too much when attacking the rim, very much a straight-line driver who can’t change directions
  • Not much of an in-between game with the exception of his P&R floater, exclusively a threat at the basket and on C&S threes, makes for a one-dimensional scoring package
  • Doesn’t know how to control his own pace in the half-court offense sometimes, not a lead guard, combo guard, or true two-guard, maybe the final guard in a three-guard lineup 
  • Can be aggressive to a fault on defense, gets caught ball watching a lot, has allowed his man to cut backdoor too often, needs to improve as an off-ball defender 


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