2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


MarJon Beauchamp: Team Ignite 20-year-old Forward 


  • Very strong physical frame with room to grow, very good vertical athlete, faster than most of his size, 6’6″ wing with a reported 7’0″ wingspan, highly versatile skillset
  • Potential to be a fantastic play finisher, explosive finisher at the rim, flashes of smart baseline cutting, transition force who can handle and initiate full-court offense 
  • Multifaceted mid-range shooter, loves curling around screeners and knocking down jumpers, terrific at flashing and lifting up to his spots, movement shooting upside 
  • Flashes lots of intriguing shot-creating abilities, shot form is good for size and length, glides to the basket when given space, hits some face-up jumpers off a jab step 
  • Good offensive rebounder, hustles on the glass, often able to tip the ball out to a teammate, can go up and dunk it powerfully after grabbing the offensive board 
  • Has some terrific defensive performances statistically, shuffles feet well as a man defender, positionally versatile, solid instincts as a help defender around the rim


  • Doesn’t use his length well enough as a finisher, can’t finish over too many bigs at the G-League level, runs into multiple defenders at the rim and will still throw up the shot 
  • Doesn’t get to the basket as much as you’d want considering his size, athleticism, and length combination, often in situations where he can’t separate because of his handle 
  • Poor outside shooter despite promise with his form and in the mid-range, bad free-throw shooter, shooting 25% and 68% respectively, has too many airballed misses 
  • Passing is limited to finds in transition, doesn’t have much feel as a passer even though it’s not his role, doesn’t pass out of doubles or when surrounded by help 
  • Gets caught overhelping and stunting out of position, some wild closeouts that result in him getting faked out or just committing a silly foul, raw defensive prospect in general     


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