2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


Christian Braun: Kansas Junior Guard 


  • Strong three-point shooting profile that will translate well to the NBA, great spot-up shooter from deep, quick release and the form is replicable, good movement shooter
  • Underrated passer, can make nice reads out of a ball screen, can make a pocket pass to a roller, great at keeping the ball moving, lots of upside as a consecutive passer 
  • Great at attacking closeouts, takes advantage of his shooting threat and flows into one or two dribble pull-up shots from the mid-range, good finisher at the rim off these looks  
  • Underrated athleticism, he can get up and hammer home some dunks, improved his shooting efficiency, 38% from the field is now up to 52%, 45% on 2P shots is now 61%
  • Provides solid defensive impact, good on-ball defender who keeps his man in front of him, great instincts as a team defender, great hands-on and off-ball, moves feet well 


  • Overall profile as a shot creator is pretty limited, doesn’t score it well in isolations, can’t create separation or space, average side to side athlete who doesn’t have much burst 
  • On ball scoring isn’t all the way there, can miss some of his pull-up threes badly, streaky shooter, shooting 32% which is down from his first two years in college 
  • Ball handling isn’t a plus, can’t create in traffic or against particularly pesky on-ball defenders, doesn’t get to the rim very much unless he’s attacking a closeout
  • Runs into issues when he’s asked to facilitate the offense through decently long stretches of time, can’t make the advanced reads to be a secondary playmaker 
  • Struggles to defend quicker and shiftier guards, isn’t switchable onto these kinds of players, has the shooting and defense but not the creation to provide more than that 


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