2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


Harrison Ingram: Stanford Freshman Forward


  • 6’8″ wing prospect with a long 7’0″ wingspan and frame, athleticism is very functional in transition and in the half-court, so versatile as he can play the 3-4 positions very well 
  • Great passer for his size, accurate dimes on the move, excellent spatial awareness, creative deliveries and angles, can pass out of the short roll and into tight windows   
  • Great off-ball player, intelligent cutter who always knows how to move into open space, finishes plays well at the basket off of these cuts, reads situations and acts accordingly 
  • Very solid ball-handler, creates space well when slashing, bumps his man with his shoulders, provides some rim pressure, functions well as a P&R handler and roller
  • Projectable three-point shooting outlook, good C&S form that will translate, pre-shot mechanics look smooth, moves well around the arc, knows how to lift for a three 
  • Engaged defender, disciplined closeouts, flips hips well, can guard 2-4, great at anticipating off-ball, flashes of a bit of secondary rim protection, switchable on screens  


  • Not an explosive athlete, lacks a lot of burst and it shows in the half-court, loses his balance when slashing a lot, even though he’s functional he’s still below the rim athlete
  • Passing isn’t all good, some of his playmaking comes from passing out of back to the basket or post up looks, won’t be doing too much of that at the NBA level
  • Poor finisher at the rim in many scenarios, hurts his value as a self creator quite a bit, can’t finish through traffic or contact, relies on screens a lot to get downhill to the rim 
  • Shot profile is mainly spot-ups, low volume of pull-up jumpers, no in-between game to balance his scoring out, overall most of his three-point shots are assisted
  • Lower body mechanics aren’t great, sways his legs out when his shot is heavily contested, leaves some threes short, lacks a standout skill on the defensive end   


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