2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


Blake Wesley: Notre Dame Freshman Guard 


  • Very very long arms, 6’11″ wingspan, gives him natural advantage on both ends of the floor, good size for a two-guard at 6’5″, rangy and a quick-twitch athlete, good burst 
  • Legit three-level scoring potential, flashes of dynamic outside shot-making, pull-up threes coming off of ball screens, spot-up shots after a lift, has a nice shooting stroke 
  • Fan of his ball-handling, has a bevy of crafty moves that he makes look easy, mixes crossovers with hesitations and behind the back moves, lots of space creation upside 
  • Has an excellent in-between game, hits runners & floaters in the lane, difficult fadeaways, great finishing flashes, sweet up and unders, finishes well through contact 
  • Best trait is his PnR scoring, creates advantages that he capitalizes on, hunts switches he can abuse, his burst and handle allows him to break ball pressure and get downhill 
  • Flashes of some nice cutting into open space, solid relocator on the three-point line, upside as a playmaker because of his strong PnR attack and potential scoring gravity 


  • Thin frame, needs to add strength onto his upper body, frame is not filled out but it can be at the next level, there are definitely times where the lack of strength hurts him
  • There are reasons not to buy his outside shot, 33% on 5.5 attempts, but he’s a 67% free throw shooter, his shooting form can vary on situation, inconsistent feet placement
  • Can be a bit too bold as a shot taker, chucking tendencies that slows the offense down, sometimes won’t get to the rim and will instead take the less efficient jump shot 
  • Has some ways to go as a passer, doesn’t make an accurate in stride pass to a roller or cutter unless he’s doubled or the player is really open, apt to making poor decisions 
  • Doesn’t show out as an on or off-ball defender, super long arms are plus but doesn’t really know how to use them yet, a very aggressive steal gambler, no POA resistance 


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