2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition

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2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


2022 NBA Draft Scouting Notebook: January Edition


Jordan Hall: St. Joseph’s Sophomore Forward


  • Excellent pull-up three-point shooter, comfortable and smooth form, high release point due to his 6’8″ size, good shooter off the catch in the corners, 36% on over six attempts 
  • Offers big time versatility, he has the size of a wing but can really handle, shoot and pass it like a guard, legit upside to be a secondary creator at the wing position in NBA
  • Processes very translatable self-creation skills, solid handle and changes directions so well, great at hesitation dribbles into a drive to the rim, great at decelerating off drives
  • Very talented playmaker, advanced metrics love his passing, one of the best in the class at hitting the roll man in the PnR, good court vision, can manipulate defenders
  • Solid team defender, doesn’t find himself out of position too much off the ball, shuffles his feet pretty well, can be bothersome on the ball when he’s engaged, activity is key 


  • Athleticism pops in very few areas, not a vertical athlete, looks slow in the half-court, doesn’t have the speed or burst to separate and finish his self created drives at the rim
  • A lot of his pull-up threes are against weak coverages, little to no screen resistance and it’s usually against a drop, what does he look like when he’s pressured? 
  • Low volume of opportunities when it comes to finishing at the rim, shoots so many jumpers that it’s just a question mark, size might help but lack of athleticism might hurt 
  • Not as into his passing skill as some, a lot of his assists are in system finds with no created advantage, vision and accuracy fall off when he’s blitzed or met at the level
  • Not that engaged of a defender, at least neutral when he can give half-hearted effort on this end, lapses on the ball where he’ll give his man an open lane and not contest 


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