Formula 1 Driver Outlook For The 2022 Season

Formula 1 Driver Outlook For The 2022 Season

Formula 1

Formula 1 Driver Outlook For The 2022 Season


It’s a brand new year for Formula 1 as they look to expand on a historic 2021 season. They will look to do so with expanding the schedule, new tracks and even new cars. With a new season though also comes new teams for some drivers! Here are the teams, racers, and storylines to know before the season kicks off on March 18, 2022.

Red Bull:

-Max Verstappen- #1

-Sergio Perez- #11

The pair of Verstappen and Perez continue for the Red Bull team in 2022. Verstappen was the 2021 season champion and will be looking to do what Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have done before him by winning back-to-back championships. Throughout the entire 2021 season, Verstappen had 17 podium finishes out of the 23 race schedule which helped the Red Bull team finish second in the constructor standings with 585.5 points. Perez put together a strong year with the Red Bull team taking a win at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as well as five podiums and finished fourth overall in the driver standings. The Red Bull team will look to carry this momentum into 2022. 


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