AEW Dynamite Recap

AEW Dynamite Recap


AEW Dynamite Recap


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AEW Dynamite “Beach Break,” started off with a bang as TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes took on the Interim champion Sammy Guevara in a ladder match to unify the TNT Championship. To start, we saw a bit of showboating from Rhodes before being hit with a dropkick from Guevara to get him to lock into the match. The bout soon got a bit chippy as they exchanged aggressive shoves before Guevara landed a quick counter to Rhodes trademark dropdown uppercut. Guevara was the first to start to shift his focus on the ladders but was shut down as he and Rhodes then retreated into the crowd. As Rhodes led the exchange, he also interacting with some members of the audience before clotheslining Guevara over the barricade. Rhodes momentum would be halted as he would then be hit with a flying cutter with Guevara using the barricade as his launching point. Guevara proceeded to lead Rhodes back into the ring as they continued to bludgeon each other to try and create an opening to get to the title that was suspended above the ring.

The two managed to climb a ladder that was not in range of the title, so Rhodes decided to use it to his advantage and suplexed Guevara off the ladder, crashing down to the hard canvas. We then saw a spot that involved Rhodes dropping Guevara onto an upside-down ladder and then locked in a figure four leg–lock submission in the ladder, which would be the start of Rhodes prioritizing his attacks to the knee of Guevara. Then comes, probably the biggest spot of the match, when Guevara manages to leapfrog over one ladder from the turnbuckle and grab Rhodes off another ladder, landing another devastating flying cutter. Rhodes looked to have all the momentum as he battered Guevara outside the ring. So much so, Fuego Del Sol came to his friend’s defense as he pleaded with Rhodes to grab the title and end it.

This was met with a piledriver to Fuego from Rhodes. Guevara managed to capitalize on Fuego’s involvement as he landed a stiff-looking GTH to Rhodes outside the ring. The match then included another spot where Guevara performed a senton from a ladder onto Rhodes who was lying on a ladder set up as a bridge between the barricade and the ring. This looked particularly brutal, as the ladder Rhodes was on did not cave in from the impact. Instead, Guevara was flung forward after impact in a whiplash-like motion. The match then concluded as both men exchanged blows atop the ladder, right under the belt before Guevara used the belt as a weapon to knock off Rhodes and claim the Undisputed TNT Championship for the second time in his career. 

Wardlow vs. Elijah Dean and James Alexander 

After Rhodes and Guevara tore down the house, next up was a two on one handicap match between Wardlow and a couple of wrestlers making their AEW debut, Elijah Dean and James Alexander. The match went a lot like you would expectit would as the only moves performed were four powerbombs, all performed by Wardlow before he picked up the easy victory. 

Inner Circle vs Daniel Garcia and 2point0

Jericho and Matt Lee started off as the legal man in the match before Jericho was quickly tagged out by Santana as tensions continue to rise. Daniel Garcia and Ortiz begin to exchange heavy blows before Jericho tags himself in and exchanges words with Ortiz. During their verbal spat, Garcia uses it to gain the upper hand. Ortiz gets back into the match and is quickly overwhelmed. Jericho prepares for a hot tag but is instead denied as Ortiz tags in Santana instead. Jericho gets off the apron and it looked like he was about to head back to the locker rooms. Before he managed to leave, Santana flung Lee into the ropes and Jericho landed a Judas Effect to give the Inner Circle the win. 

CM Punk Speaks 

CM Punks walked down the ramp, fully dressed for in-ring action. He entered the ring and called out MJF for a match. He answers the call but says that the city of Cleveland is not worthy of the matchup and that he’ll face Punk next week in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. After some ribbing from MJF on Punk’s past, MJF brings out his goons that featured, FTR, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears. They proceeded to beat down on Punk and finished him off with a Wardlow powerbomb onto a steel chair. 

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs Red Velvet 

In a match between the two top contenders in the women’s division, we saw Red Velvet and “Legit” Leyla Hirsch bring the heat. It started off with Velvet making a beeline to the ring and bringing the fight straight to Hirsch. Velvet managed to lock in a triangle choke at one point, but it was short-lived as she was no match for the power of Hirsch as she was power bombed into the turnbuckle. Hirsch focused her offense primarily on the left shoulder of Velvet to prepare to sink in her signature cross-arm-breaker. Towards the conclusion of the match, Hirsch lands a flying knee that looked to have knocked Velvet cleanout. She went for the pin but interrupted it herself as she was looking to inflict more punishment on her opponent. She then locked in her cross-arm-breaker but Velvet somehow managed to get her leg on the ropes to break up the submission. Velvet looks to capitalize on Hirsch’s mistake as she tries to land a kick but is countered and rolled up for the pin from Hirsch. Hitsch , not satisfied, then locks in her cross-arm-breaker for the second time after the match but is stopped as Kris Statlander comes to the rescue. 

Britt Baker Speaks

In our final segment before the main event, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker came out to show off her accomplishments of the past year. These accolades included: Match of the Year, Women Wrestler of the Year, and Most Improved Wrestler all voted on by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. She then proceeded to throw some shots at the Cleveland Browns, most directed at Baker Mayfield. 

Orange Cassidy vs Adam Cole (Lights Out Match): 

In the main event, Adam Cole took on Orange Cassidy in an Unsanctioned Light Out match. The match got off to a fast start as Cassidy and Cole released a lot of frustration out on each other. They quickly spilled outside the ring and as Cole reached under the ring to grab a chair, there was someone hiding under there. DANHAUSEN! The internet’s biggest wrestling sensation is now All-Elite! It was a big surprise that left both competitors visibly confused and Danhausen proceeded to walk backstage as the match continued. They made their way towards the table the ring bell sits on as Cassidy counters a Panama Sunrise into a tackle straight through the table, much to Justin Roberts’s dismay. Cassidy recovers first and prepares for an Orange Punch. He backed up and charged as Cole grabed the ring bell to absorb the blow from Cassidy’s punch. Cassidy screamed in pain as Cole then drags him to the steel steps and smashes his hand between the steps and the ring. Cassidy’s hand, now visibly injured as blood trickles down his forearm. He then absorbdc a low blow from Cole, as he was protected by his cup with thumbtacks that retrieves from pants and shows the audience.

Cassidy uses this to land his own Panama Sunrise on Cole, although Cole managed to kick out at two. Cole then attempted to retreat backstage, not knowing Cassidy is tracking his every step. We see them reach backstage and get a quick cameo from the bossman Tony Khan. Cole used his reserved energy to slam Cassidy through the table Khan was using to control the show, smashing several monitors in the process. Adam Cole then threw Cassidy to the ground and climbed the tunnel as he prepares to put an end to our main event.

Much to his surprise, Cassidy had managed to recover quickly enough to follow him atop the tunnel. Cole is shocked and Cassidy uses this to lock his hands together behind Cole and give him a nice hug. The kindness would end there as Cassidy would then drag Cole off the tunnel with him, smashing him through the stage and picking up the pinfall victory among the mess of broken wooden planks. Cassidy’s fellow “Best Friends” would help him up and end the show with a nice group hug.


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