Myles Turner is Primed to Make a Name for Himself in a New Situation

Ashley Landis/Dallas Morning News

Myles Turner is Primed to Make a Name for Himself in a New Situation


Myles Turner is Primed to Make a Name for Himself in a New Situation


Ashley Landis/Dallas Morning News

Since being drafted eleventh overall in the 2015 NBA draft, many fans have waited on a potential breakout season from Myles Turner. Back in his college days, Turner not only showed an exceptional feel as a defender, but he combined his defensive potential with promising offensive upside, showing a rare skill for a big man on the offensive end.

Although this skill set has translated to the league in smaller spurts, Turner has still shown flashes of offensive potential when made a focal point, leading to many awaiting a breakout season from him. After seven years of misutilization, however, Turner has finally grown impatient with the Indiana Pacers organization, hoping to find a new home where he can grow and showcase his skillset.

The breakup between Turner and Indiana has been one talked about for years. For the better part of the past three seasons, Turner has been in trade rumors, and it seems more realistic that he gets moved now than ever before. Turner has already voiced his concerns with the organization, as he states he’s felt like no more than a “glorified role player.” On the other side of the spectrum, Indiana looks to commit to a full-blown rebuild. The Pacers have been the epitome of consistency for the past decade, but the past two years have been rockier than ever. This, combined with them being dead last in ticket sales, has led to them realizing a retool makes the most sense for the franchise. 

There are multiple contenders/playoff teams who should have an interest in Turner. The Golden State Warriors stand out among the rest, as they can insert Turner into lineups seamlessly and throw a good crop of young talent at Indiana. Turner would step onto the team and be the best center Golden State has ever paired Stephen Curry with, and although he’s never been your prototypical switchy big, Turner’s mobility has taken a step in the right direction this season due to him getting leaner. 

Another sensible team for Turner is the Charlotte Hornets. This one writes itself, as the Hornets have an overabundance of young wings, and the Pacers have an overabundance of bigs. A potential PJ Washington for Myles Turner swap makes sense for both sides, as Turner can come in and be Charlotte’s most reliable starting big in years, and Washington can go to Indiana and be a strong starting four for the next few years. There would likely be more going to Indiana, but as a baseline, this trade makes sense for both parties.

Finally, another playoff team that can use Turner’s services are the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis has been rolling this NBA season behind the breakout of Ja Morant, and even without their star guard, they’ve managed to be a great team out West. Memphis is already a threat to win a round regardless, and adding Turner can make those hopes into more of a reality. Memphis has a group of youngsters mixed in with vets that they can package to throw at Indiana, so they pose as much of a threat as anybody to get the big.

Although Turner would win games with all three of these rosters, if his hope is to make a name for himself as a star, he probably shouldn’t want to go to any of these teams. Although all three groups provide him with an increased offensive role, being dealt to a bottom-feeder like Detroit, Houston, or San Antonio would probably be his best bet. This way, he gets an increased offensive role to fill up the stat sheet, while simultaneously learning how to be a focal point. Turner is just 25 years old, so although he may be a little too old for a “breakout”, he still has time to learn how to adjust his game to a second to third option role.

Of all the teams mentioned, the team that may be the best landing spot for the Texas alum is the Memphis Grizzlies. In Memphis, Turner will insert himself onto a team with an already well-established culture, stealing that starting center spot for the rest of his prime.

Morant would help open up things for Turner to get his own buckets due to his three-level scoring, rim pressure, and gravity, and a frontcourt tandem of Turner and Jaren Jackson Jr is an interesting one. Both bigs can effectively space the floor, while having the offensive skill to score on their own. That’s not even mentioning the potential nightmare matchup they’d be on defense. Memphis is already a group with elite chemistry and cohesion under Taylor Jenkins’ playbook, so it wouldn’t take long for Turner to get adjusted and carve out a bigger offensive role on a winning team.

Regardless of where he goes, it’s inevitable that Turner is on his way out of Indiana this season. He’s bound to make a big impact wherever he goes, whether it’s to a contending team or a rebuilding team.


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