Burrow and the Bengals Now Displaying a New Winning Attitude

Aaron Doster/AP

Burrow and the Bengals Now Displaying a New Winning Attitude


Burrow and the Bengals Now Displaying a New Winning Attitude


Aaron Doster/AP

Joe Burrow doesn’t care about your feelings and if you don’t believe me, just ask Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. Following comments made by former Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl linebacker Bart Scott on ESPN’s morning show Get Up, it is becoming abundantly clear that the Bengals and their fans ought to get really comfortable with being viewed as enemies among the league. Among them is enemy number one, quarterback Joe Burrow. 

In fact, the young QB may have a target on his back already if you believe Scott. This past weekend the Bengals routed their division rivals for the second time this season by a score of 41-21 which saw Burrow put up 525 passing yards and four touchdowns, something that did not sit well with the Ravens or Scott. 

“Every Raven and former Raven understands what the red dot means. I guarantee you he will not last long in this division. They’re gonna make sure they become head hunters whenever they go against him. He gonna get the rib shot, he gonna get the neck shot, he gonna get the tackle his arms, make his head bounce off the ground shot, he gettin all that.”

You can view the entire rant here:

Scott continued by saying that the Ravens have killers on their squad while the Bengals simply do not. However, anyone that has been following Burrow’s young career would likely disagree.

You’ve been warned.

In a post-game presser, Bengals Pro Bowl defensive end Trey Hendrickson shared some words for future teams to come. 

His advice may have come a little late for the Ravens, but Burrow has had a hitman reputation for years. As @PatrickJudis and @codiki remind us, it was on display during his days at Ohio State University.

Additionally, college football analysts Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit knew there was an assassin on the loose a long time ago. 

Herbstreit has been attempting to warn people of Joe Burrow’s ruthless nature since well before he was drafted into the NFL. In an interview for “Move the Sticks” posted by the Cincinnati Bengals in August of 2020 he cautioned:

“I’ve never seen a guy with this killer instinct…of not just wanting to beat you but like, steal your soul. Like he wants to, God, he wants to ruin everything about you and the defensive coordinator. He takes it so personally.”

A Wink and a smile. 

Case and point, Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale found out first hand just how personal Burrow took his comments before the week 16 Baltimore/Cincinnati faceoff: 

After the game while donning a Santa hat and a Krusty Krab sweatshirt, Burrow’s response was classic Burrow if you’ve followed him this far. 

His grin says it all, and the only thing that would have made it more ruthless would have been a well-timed wink, although that may have been implied.

For a quarterback who is fueled by revenge and drinks criticism like kool-aid the way Burrow does, it seems opposing teams may want to choose their words more carefully prior to facing the Bengals.

Stand by your man.

Burrow’s unapologetic attitude is enough to get under the skin of any foe but when you add in a head coach with an identical mindset, it is safe to assume the list of enemies will only grow as time goes on. 

Obviously, both Burrow and Bengals head coach Zach Taylor weren’t sorry about Sunday’s dominant performance over the Ravens.

The young quarterback and his young head coach are undeniably on the same page and it has shown on the field. 

You’re dismissed.

It’s not just Joe’s lack of mercy that’s sure to create enemies. It is his smug, dismissive attitude that will surely get under the skin of the opposing teams. His statement following the Bengals 41-10 trouncing of the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 11 shows Burrow is focused on stalking larger prey than mere wins over division rivals.

After sweeping the Steelers and the Ravens this season for the first time since 2009, the “Bayou Bengal” will try to deliver a win against the Browns in order to make the AFC North’s changing of the guard complete. It’s a goal not yet met for Burrow, but one he and his teammates will have another shot at in week 18.

A Chief matchup.

Before Burrow and company can attempt to redeem themselves against Cleveland, a healthy Kansas City Chiefs team will be storming into the jungle, ready to give the Bengals their biggest challenge yet. With an eight game win streak and the potential to clinch the number one seed in the AFC, Kansas City promises to bring the heat. The electric quarterback Patrick Mahomes, nearly unstoppable tight end Travis Kelce, and experienced head coach Andy Reid may really want this one.

However, with a playoff berth on the line, Burrow and the Bengals may want it even more. It’s a game that has all the makings of a thrilling, potential AFC Championship preview, and is a tricky one for analysts to predict. But staying true to their bold new spirit, the official Bengals account couldn’t resist giving Kansas City a history lesson as they look forward to the future.

The way it comes off, you’d think Burrow tweeted it himself. Yet this is just another indication from the top down of the organization that they have adopted this new, unapologetic attitude — Burrow’s attitude. Clearly reflecting his trademark killer instinct, it is a personality trait that tends to earn you more enemies than friends. But if you ask any Bengals fan if they mind, you likely won’t find many of them apologizing either. 

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