A Comprehensive Deep Dive Into the Wildly Fascinating Flashes of Alperen Sengun

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

A Comprehensive Deep Dive Into the Wildly Fascinating Flashes of Alperen Sengun


A Comprehensive Deep Dive Into the Wildly Fascinating Flashes of Alperen Sengun


Alperen Sengun is only averaging what Charles Barkley calls “a triple single”. His unassuming 9 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists a night don’t jump off the page. What does jump out is his flashes on the basketball court. From flurries of spin moves and upfakes in the post to passes with some sauce on the delivery, Sengun has impressed in a multitude of ways.

I had him 16th on my final 2021 NBA Draft board. After taking a comprehensive look into his film as a rookie I think it’s safe to say 16th was too low for the wildly skilled big man. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating flashes of Alperen Sengun.

Post scoring 

Without a doubt, Sengun’s most advanced skill is his proficiency in the post as a scorer. He puts the full arsenal of moves on Collins as he backs down Collins from the short corner into the mid-block. Once he has a favorable position, Sengun turns and hits Collins with a fake up and under move that he turns into a left spin and he gracefully scoops in the layup. 

This is one of Sengun’s classic never leave your feet kind of shots. He uses his strength to get into the post then gives a couple of shot fakes before hitting the soft hook shot over Claxton. Mind you, Claxton has over 3 inches of Sengun and he was still able to finish. 


This time the Rockets clear out the strong side for a Sengun post-up. He goes to his patented baseline spin that leaves his man in the dust. As he’s met by the help defender, Sengun goes to a right ball fake into a spin and baseline hook shot with contact on the shot. 

Another baseline spin move from Sengun and it’s on Vucevic. Sengun shows ridiculous finishing touch here as he’s able to fake the layup on the right side and opt for a left-handed finish that’s an and-one from the other side of the basket. 

I know I keep going to these baseline spins but it really is Sengun’s go-to move in the post. After he blows by Valanciunas he’s met by a help defender and is able to contort his body, switch the ball from his right to left, and flip the ball in the hoop with a hand in his face. 


One sign of an advanced post scorer at the NBA level is the ability to have counters. Sengun’s baseline spin is cut off by Portis twice on this play. But Sengun is still able to get the bucket by being physical and finishing with some sweet soft touch off the glass. 

It’s not hyperbolic to say this is some of the fanciest footwork you’ll see from a modern NBA big. The play starts outside of the post but Sengun bodies his way into the paint. Once he’s done the dirty work he decides to bring out all of the finesse. Sengun spins right then he spins left, goes through two upfake sequences to get Portis in the air, and then drops under for the scoop layup. When it comes to post moves, Sengun’s best comparison really is Nikola Jokic. 


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