Three NFL Players Who Deserved a Super Bowl Ring

Three NFL Players Who Deserved a Super Bowl Ring


Three NFL Players Who Deserved a Super Bowl Ring


Joe Bielawa

Throughout today’s game, many look back and think “he definitely deserved a Super Bowl”, but unfortunately some of the greatest NFL players went their whole careers without holding the Lombardi Trophy. Here are three NFL players that should’ve won a Super Bowl. 

  1. Dan Marino 

Dan Marino is one of the best QBs in the history of the NFL. His skill was amazing as he made nine Pro Bowls, and he would lead the Dolphins to the Super Bowl in 1985 in a losing effort against the 49ers. Not a single QB has completed more career passes than Dan Marino, and he posted a 147-93 as a starter for 17 seasons. Regardless of not winning a Super Bowl, he still ended up in the NFL Hall of Fame.

2. Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game of football. Throughout his 17-year career, he had 1,432 receptions, 17,492 yards, and 121 touchdowns. He also is an 11x pro-bowler. Larry Fitzgerald even has more tackles than career drops which just shows how great he was. Larry Fitzgerald nearly would’ve been a Super Bowl champion, but Big Ben and one of the best Steelers teams prevailed and won with little to no time on the clock in Super Bowl XLIII. Without a doubt, Larry Fitzgerald deserves a Super Bowl ring.

3. Adrian Peterson 

One of the greatest Running Backs of the 2000’s era, Adrian Peterson led the league in rushing three times in fourteen seasons. Now his age has caught up with him but that won’t stop him from playing the game of football. Throughout Peterson’s 16-year career, he’s stacked up 14,820 rushing yards, 118 touchdowns, on 3,192 attempts. In 2012, Adrian Peterson rushed for 2,000 and took home the MVP trophy, which has yet to be won by another RB since.

Regardless of injuries, Peterson has always been a lethal back. In his prime he made the Pro Bowl seven times. Unfortunately, he never could make it to a Super Bowl. Recently Adrian Peterson signed with the Tennessee Titans to fill the void for the injured Derrick Henry, but Adrian Peterson should have a chance to win a ring one last time. 

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