Can the Fresno State Bulldogs Make a New Year's Six Bowl Game?

Can the Fresno State Bulldogs Make a New Year's Six Bowl Game?


Can the Fresno State Bulldogs Make a New Year's Six Bowl Game?


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In the College Football Playoff Committee’s first batch of rankings, the Fresno State Bulldogs checked in at No. 23. Their initial ranking might be enough for the program to sneak into a New Year’s Six bowl game this year.

Heading into week 10, the Bulldogs are 7-2 on the season and 4-1 in Mountain West Conference play. As it currently stands, they are at the top of the West division in the conference. If they can find a way to win out, it would not be completely unexpected for the Bulldogs to reach a New Year’s Six bowl.

With that being said, they would need help from teams that are ahead of them who are in Group of Five conferences or are independent. Those teams include Cincinnati, Notre Dame, and BYU. When it comes to Cincinnati, Fresno State should be rooting for them to make the College Football Playoff because that would make the Bulldogs the only Group of Five left in contention.

It would help the Bulldogs if Notre Dame and BYU fail to win out because they would likely fall out of the running to be in a New Year’s Six game if that were to happen.

To put it kindly, the Bulldogs need help from those three schools, but they are in control of their own destiny to an extent. It is still early, and the Bulldogs have plenty of time to help themselves out.

Last Saturday, the Bulldogs helped their odds of being ranked in the initial College Football Playoff rankings with a win over the San Diego State Aztecs, who the committee ranked No. 24 on Tuesday night. The Bulldogs scored a major road win over a previously undefeated team.

Even with the win over San Diego State, there is a chance that the West division could come down to the wire since the Aztecs are No. 2 in the division with a 3-1 conference record.

It is imperative for the Bulldogs to win out and claim the Mountain West Title because a two-loss conference champion can get away with being in a New Year’s Six bowl. If they lose from now until then, they will lose ground to the other Group of Five and independent schools.

The Oct. 2 loss to Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors added more pressure on them, but they have performed well since then. Not only have they bounced back from that loss but their initial loss to No. 4 Oregon on Sept. 4 looks much better in retrospect.

The Bulldogs need help from other schools, but the most important thing for their New Year’s Six bowl chances is to win the next four games. If they can close out the season strong, they will be a New Year’s Six team.


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