New Arena Could Spell New Hope for the Clippers

New Arena Could Spell New Hope for the Clippers


New Arena Could Spell New Hope for the Clippers


The Los Angeles Clippers recently announced that they will officially be moving on from the Staples Center come the 2024-2025 NBA season. Their new home will be called the Intuit Dome and will be in located in Inglewood, California. A 23-year partnership was reached by the Clippers and Intuit Inc. that allows the Clippers to get started on their 1.8-billion-dollar arena development. Intuit is widely known for being the parent company for TurboTax, QuickBooks, and more and the two sides believe that this new arena will deliver an innovative fan and consumer experience. 

The 18,000 seat arena will also feature a 80,000-square foot outdoor plaza where fans can come before the game or event going on inside and hang out. The team also plans to have a video board outside that shows the action going on inside the building and will let fans cheer on the Clippers when they play on the road. We have seen many organizations in other sporting leagues build new stadiums, including the Los Angeles Rams/Chargers with Sofi Stadium so the Clippers new development likely mirrors this.

In addition, there is no plan for the stadium to have cashiers take orders as they want fans to be able to leave their seat, walk to the concession stand, grab their food, or drink, and get right back to their seats. The customers account would automatically be charged in a contactless manner. It seems like the arena will be filled with an incredible amount of advanced technology so it will be interesting to see how this works after some time.  

There had been talk for awhile now that the Clippers were looking to move on from the Staples Center in part to create their own identity. Owner Steve Ballmer talked about the team needing to create their own unique identity away from Staples Center, which is a venue that they share with their intercity rival, the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is fair to see why Ballmer and the Clippers would want to move to a different stadium after being in the Lakers shadow for so long. Additionally, the two other sport teams that play in the Staples Center have both raised banners while the Clippers still haven’t. The Clippers, known for covering up the other team’s championship banners, will now have their own space where they can attempt to create their own legacy. 

Ballmer bought the team back in 2014 and since has tried to separate the Clippers from their Laker counterparts. On-court, the Clippers have been much better than their history has shown but they just haven’t been able to get over the hump and win a title for the city of Los Angeles. This arena serves as a steppingstone for the Clippers to really break ground within the city that historically has been dominated by the Lakers.

With their two respective star players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, both on long-term contracts, it is a good time to be a Clippers fan. Only time will tell if they can win it all, but this new arena could serve to be a major selling point for fans in the city of angels. 

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