Lack of Answers Prove Brutal for Seahawks

Lack of Answers Prove Brutal for Seahawks


Lack of Answers Prove Brutal for Seahawks


Sep 26, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll looks on during the third quarter against Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

They “schemed our ass up”, stated cornerback DJ Reed in his postgame press conference. Seemingly the perfect way to describe the abysmal defensive performance shown out by the Seattle Seahawks in Minneapolis. As the Seahawks are set to depart home back for Seattle after a 30-17 loss, Pete Carroll has a lot to make of the terrible showing. 

Outside of the first three drives on offense for the Seattle Seahawks, there is nearly nothing positive one can take away from this game. The defense was abysmal and Wilson and the offensive starters were shut out in the second half. Head coach Pete Carroll’s game management was atrocious and the team looked entirely flustered. Is this being too negative? Surely they couldn’t have played that bad, right? 

No. Kirk Cousins quite literally could do whatever he wanted against a Seahawks defense that lacks confidence, continuity, and cohesiveness. Cousins finished the game with a whopping 323 yards, and was 30/38 on passing attempts. The Vikings also packed on an extra 140 yards rushing, for which the Seahawks defense again had no response. 

The state of the unit is reminiscent of the beginning of last year, where for the first five games the group was on pace to shatter all time worst records. 

“We threw everything at them”, Carroll remarked after the loss. Perhaps that’s where the problems begin for the defense. It’s likely that they’re trying to simply do too much. Constantly testing with different blitzes, alignments, and packages allows very little room for cohesive success on the backend of the secondary. 

When asked about a possible personnel change, Carroll replied “We’re looking at everything”. Sidney Jones and Tre Brown would be the likely names to make a start for the defense going forward.

As for the offense, the same trends repeat themselves for a third straight week. The collective group has yet to score points in a third quarter throughout each of their first three games. In fact, they only ran six (six!) plays in the entire third quarter. Purely unacceptable work from the offense for a team with hopes of winning a super bowl. 

The Seahawks are now reeling. They find themselves dead last in their division, potentially two games back of the third place spot in a highly competitive NFC West. Their next two games are head to head matchups with the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams. Needless to say the clock is ticking for this team to flip things around, and it’s certain that their players know that too. Or else, this could very well be a 1-4 football squad looking at finishing the season below .500 for the first time in a decade. 

Will this happen? Odds say no. After all, Russell Wilson is a winner. They’ve been in situations similar. Their veteran leaders: Bobby Wagner, Jamal Adams, and Wilson are all capable of overcoming adversity. The question still remains, will they be able to turn it around before it’s too late?


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