Sacramento Kings 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

Sacramento Kings 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

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Sacramento Kings 2021 NBA Draft Big Board


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Welcome to a new series of articles where the NBA Draft guys here at TWSN (Thomas Stapleton, Aidan Maher, Will Locklin) will be making team specific big boards for every NBA team prior to the draft. Each article will have our top 5-10 prospects for a team along with scouting reports for those players and an explanation of why they’d be a good fit. Today’s team of focus will be the Sacramento Kings who have the ninth pick and the 39th pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

  1. Franz Wagner – Wing – Michigan

Franz Wagner to Sacramento is one of my favorite pairings in the entire draft. It’s been rumored that Wagner does have a promise with Sacramento, and it makes a lot of sense. Monte McNair, the Kings current GM, and a Daryl Morey disciple, leads an analytical-minded front office that will take one of advanced metric darlings of the 2021 NBA Draft. Not to mention, Wagner’s floor-raising defensive qualities will be extremely crucial for a Kings team who had the league’s worst defensive rating this past season. On offense, Wagner and Tyrese Haliburton would make for the best glue-guy duo in the entire league. De’Aaron Fox is the perfect lead initiator to set those guys up and the two of them would do a great job moving the ball, relocating off ball, attacking gaps in the defense, and being wizardly off-ball on the defensive end. 

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