Duncan Robinson is the Blueprint to Success for Sam Hauser

Duncan Robinson is the Blueprint to Success for Sam Hauser


Duncan Robinson is the Blueprint to Success for Sam Hauser


Duncan Robinson is the Blueprint to Success for Sam Hauser

Coming out of Michigan, Duncan Robinson was dubbed an older shooting specialist, a corresponding label to Hauser. When you dig a little deeper, you will discover further similarities between their games. In 2018, Robinson did go undrafted, but his success in the NBA so far has been that of a first round selection. Sam Hauser is in a similar spot as Robinson when he entered the NBA, and his ceiling is in the ballpark of present-time Duncan Robinson, who just so happens to be the blueprint to success for Sam Hauser’s NBA future.

The Miami Heat were a perfect landing spot for Duncan Robinson. First off, the timeline was right. The Heat were a competitive team ready to win now, which meshed well for a 24 year old. Not only that, but the fit personnel wise made sense. Miami was a team armed with rim protection and defensive versatility in space, which helped hide some of Robinson’s defensive flaws by matching him up with the fourth or fifth option from the opposing team. 

Not only that, but Robinson gave Miami some needed shooting, and they understood how to maximize his offensive skillset. Erik Spoelstra drew up a lot of plays for Robinson, running him off screens and getting him involved via dribble hand-offs. Even when the play wasn’t directly drawn up for him, Miami primarily used him as a spot-up shooter.

Believe it or not, Sam Hauser is a fairly team dependent prospect. Landing somewhere with good defensive personnel will be important if Hauser ever wants to take on a consistent role, or else his defensive flaws could manifest to a high degree and cost him minutes. Offensively, a team must understand how to use Hauser and have enough room on the roster for a shooter that will need to get involved via set plays. Running him off screens is his most comfortable source of offense, but utilizing him as a spot-up shooter and prioritizing off-ball movement will also enhance his performance. 

Hauser needs to be hidden defensively and treated like a high-level shooter and off-ball mover offensively that warrants some set plays drawn up directly for him if you want to maximize his value. It’s also worth noting his fit with a rebuilding team just doesn’t make a lot of sense. After such a rigorous filtering process, you’re only left with a handful of teams that have a possibility of utilizing the Duncan Robinson blueprint with Sam Hauser.

The likelihood of him becoming the next Duncan Robinson is low. Finding a Duncan Robinson isn’t an easy task, but the more difficult part is finding that type of player and putting them in the best possible situation to succeed. Miami was able to pull it off with Robinson, but very few attempts have had such luck. However, if Hauser can land with the right team and be given the right opportunity, he could follow in the footsteps of Duncan Robinson and become the NBA’s next premiere sniper.


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