Boston Celtics 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

Boston Celtics 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

NBA Draft

Boston Celtics 2021 NBA Draft Big Board


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Welcome to a new series of articles where the NBA Draft guys here at TWSN (Thomas Stapleton, Aidan Maher, Will Locklin) will be making team specific big boards for every NBA team prior to the draft. Today’s team of focus will be the Boston Celtics, who hold pick 45 in this year’s Draft. This article will have our top five prospects for Boston with scouting reports for those players and an explanation of why they’d be a good fit.

1. Jared Butler – Guard – Baylor

Some would say this is unrealistic considering Butler is universally viewed as a first round talent. However, Butler was diagnosed with a heart condition back in 2018, and it’s popped up once again. The Fitness-to-Play panel has not cleared Butler to play in the NBA, which not only means he’s missed team workouts, but there’s a chance he won’t be able to play in the NBA. However, if he does fall and the Celtics and they feel confident in Butler overcoming this health scare, he’d be an awesome roll of the dice at 45.

2. Kessler Edwards – Wing – Pepperdine

Kessler Edwards projects to be one of the top players available on my board that will go in this range. He’s a versatile 3&D wing that can play two through four. Edwards was consistently an excellent shooter in his career at Pepperdine, and his high release point paired with solid length makes his shot hard to contest. His ability to play within the flow of an offense is something to appreciate as well. Defensively, his lack of foot speed does hurt him at times, but he’s got a solid frame and high IQ, which ultimately projects Edwards as a plus defender and nice disruptor at the NBA level.

3. Vrenz Bleijenbergh – Guard/Wing – Antwerp

Similar to Kessler Edwards, Vrenz Bleijenbergh projects to be one of the best players available on my board around this range. I’m not as high on Bleijenbergh as I once was, but one could still make the argument he’s a late first round prospect. His combination of passing chops, ball-handling, shooting potential and defensive upside while also possessing a tall, lengthy frame makes him an extremely intriguing upside swing in the second round. However, he’ll need to fill out his frame and improve upon his shooting consistency and shot selection if he wants to hit his ceiling.

4. Rokas Jokubaitis – Guard – Zalgiris

Rokas Jokubaitis is an underrated draft and stash prospect in this year’s class. His combination of passing chops and court vision, shooting potential, offensive versatility, and team defense shouldn’t go unnoticed. If Jokubaitis pans out, he’s someone who’s offensive versatility could make him a high impact bench player, or even a starter in a pinch. However, he’ll need to overcome some of his athletic limitations, improve his shooting range off the dribble, and put more trust in his handle.

5. David Johnson – Guard – Louisville

David Johnson fits the bill of what Boston could use at guard. Offensively, he can provide some playmaking and unselfish, smart decision-making, something the Celtic currently lack. However, he can still fit a role off the ball as he brings above average catch and shoot ability from three. Defensively, he would give Boston some more point of attack defense on the perimeter, which was an area the Celtics surprisingly had some struggles in last year.


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