2021 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

2021 NBA Mock Draft 2.0


2021 NBA Mock Draft 2.0


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The NBA Draft is under three weeks away, and it’s finally time for my second 2021 NBA mock draft. I won’t be making or predicting any trades in this mock draft, but I will be making all 60 selections based on what I think each team will do, and I’ll provide an analysis as to why.

#1. Detroit Pistons

Selection: Cade Cunningham, Guard, Oklahoma State

There have been many reports of teams trying to move up to the first overall slot, but I have a tough time seeing Detroit budge. The Pistons are going to stay at number one, and they’re going to take the near undisputed best prospect in this class.

#2. Houston Rockets

Selection: Jalen Green, Guard, G-League Ignite

One of the hottest debates amongst the NBA Draft community has centered around who the Rockets should take second overall between Evan Mobley and Jalen Green. All the reports are suggesting the Rockets prefer Green, and although I believe they should take Mobley, this would still be a great addition for Houston. Jalen Green is the best scorer in this year’s class with elite athleticism and high upside as a playmaker and defender, although those areas of his game still need fine-tuning.

#3. Cleveland Cavaliers

Selection: Evan Mobley, Big, USC

Even after stealing Jarrett Allen in the massive 4-team James Harden swap, the Cavaliers can’t pass on a talent such as Evan Mobley here. Allen is solid, but his skillset is fairly replaceable, and Mobley is a clear upgrade and generational talent at center. He’s the best defender in this class, and he pairs that defense with a unicorn like skillset offensively. His ball-handling and passing chops are uncanny for a big man, as he’s a skilled interior scorer, and he’s got an abundance of upside as a shooter.

#4. Toronto Raptors

Selection: Jalen Suggs, Guard, Gonzaga

I wouldn’t call this a lock, but all signs are pointing towards Toronto snagging Jalen Suggs here. His lack of ball-handling and elite shot-making doesn’t fit the bill of a primary initiator, but Suggs’ combination of elite slashing, awesome passing chops and court vision, along with very steady decision-making and flashes of shot creation still warrant some on-ball touches. He’d be a great fit in Toronto where they can create a multi-ball-handler system, which is perfect for Suggs’ skillset.

#5. Orlando Magic

Selection: Jonathan Kuminga, Wing, G-League Ignite

Although I view Kuminga as a fringe lottery prospect, and there are better prospects on the board in my opinion, the odds look solid with Orlando going Kuminga here. He’s a definite project with an extremely low floor, but he’s got one of the most enticing ceilings in this year’s class when you combine his athletic ability with all the raw flashes.


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