Will the Arizona Cardinals Make the NFL Playoffs in 2021?

Will the Arizona Cardinals Make the NFL Playoffs in 2021?


Will the Arizona Cardinals Make the NFL Playoffs in 2021?


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Ever since Kyler Murray was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals their team has been quickly improving but Arizona hasn’t made the playoffs or had a winning season since 2015. Every year the Cardinals look more and more promising as a football team but something still holds them back.

The Cardinals unquestionably have it rough, as they are in the most difficult division in the NFL. They face the Rams, Seahawks, and 49ers every season, and if it wasn’t for the injuries last season for San Francisco, the Cardinals would’ve most likely been at the bottom of the NFC West. Regardless, the Cardinals have a very young football team, but the question is, can they get it done and make the playoffs this season?

The last two offseasons have been great for the Cardinals, as they’ve made great moves such as trading for DeAndre Hopkins who is arguably one of the best WR’s in the NFL. They also drafted safety Isaiah Simmons who is one of my breakout candidates for the upcoming season.

Even with those additions the Cardinals still had a rough year, as they missed the playoffs with an 8-8 record. The Cardinals made it a priority to fix the issues on their team that held them back in 2020.

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This offseason, the Cardinals made amazing additions to their roster, such as trading for All-Pro center Rodney Hudson and signing former Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt to a 2-year deal, A.J. Green, who was a great WR for the Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago, to a 1-year deal , and CB Malcolm Butler to a 1-year deal as well. Butler is mostly known for his time in New England after his game-saving interception in Super Bowl XLIX. Arizona also drafted LB Zaven Collins with the 16th pick in the draft.

The Arizona Cardinals definitely made the right moves this offseason to make a playoff push upcoming year.

With this new team, the Cardinals look like a threat, but everyone is wondering, can they compete with the Seahawks, Ram’, or a healthy San Francisco team? The Cardinals can definitely clinch a playoff berth, as they have the assets, good coaches, young players, and many veterans to help shape out this team to be great. Kyler Murray has shown that he can lead his team too. In my opinion, the Cardinals could upset the NFC West and stop the Seahawks or Niners from making it into the playoffs.


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