TWSN Logo Announcement

TWSN Logo Announcement


TWSN Logo Announcement


Today, we are proud to announce the launch of a new company logo as we continue to evolve over time. Over the past couple of years, our company has grown tremendously yet we remain driven to the same company mantra, “Only One Way the Wrightway.” We felt that our previous logo didn’t quite reflect these values adequately — so we made a new one. 

Our in-house content and design team, including graphic designer Jacob Haugh, went straight to work to create a logo that embodies what the company stands for: integrity, diversity, and honesty. We believe there is only one way, the Wrightway when it comes to journalism and reporting. The Wrightway is all about reporting facts, curating quality content, and “empowering a team of diverse and ascending talent in sports journalism.” – CEO Malik Wright.  

In the words of Jacob Haugh, graphic designer for TWSN, “The new logo exemplifies the goal of TWSN, to do things the right way. You will see the constant theme of pointing and arrows throughout the design, that in itself is there to communicate, that we are headed in the right direction. TWSN is onto something truly innovative.”

Our new logo itself boasts an arrow pointing to the right, to reflect the significant growth TWSN has made within the field of sports journalism. Simultaneously, the arrow reminds everyone that our main goal has not and will never change, no matter the size or accomplishments of the company. 

Over the coming days, you can expect to see this logo, along with other visuals around TWSN that align with our vision and focus. While it is in some sense a rebranding, we view this change as a reflection of our previously instilled values, rather than us changing our mission.

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