Anthony Edwards Draft Profile

Anthony Edwards Draft Profile

2020 NBA

Anthony Edwards Draft Profile


Anthony Edwards – G – Georgia


  • Bruising slasher who can get to the basket at will and finishes inside at a high clip.
  • He’s got an incredible, NBA-ready body and currently weighs in at 225 lbs. He uses his strength to bully smaller guards and create at contact at the rim against bigs.
  • Elite athleticism and knows how to control his speed.
  • Can create his own shot from anywhere on the court using his great ball-handling ability and quick first step.
  • Possesses high defensive potential. He didn’t have the most consistent effort with Georgia but he was extremely tough to get past when he was locked in.


  • Questionable shot selection. He was forced to take a lot of tough shots due to a lackluster supporting cast but it’s something he needs to work on nonetheless.
  • Hard to gauge his three point shooting. He only shot 29% but again his shot selection was poor and his shot mechanics/form look good off the dribble.
  • Defensive effort was extremely lackluster and his motor wasn’t great.
  • Playmaking is definitely a concern right now. He averaged nearly 1:1 AST/TO ratio and often got tunnel vision when attacking the basket. 

Prospect Overview

Anthony Edwards is an extremely tough call. He, in a way, represents this draft class very well. Loads of upside and promise but has a ton of question marks. His ability to score from all over the court is going to make him a valuable asset, but how efficient will it be? He looks like he can play within an offense if he gets better teammates, but will his shot selection and lack of playmaking hurt him? His combination of athleticism, length, and strength makes it seem like he could be a great defensive player, but will his effort ever be good enough? There’s a lot to like about Edwards’ game and he definitely has the talent to go number one overall. However, there are a lot of big red flags that could hold him back at the next level.

Player Comparison: Victor Oladipo

  • Thomas Stapleton


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