Patrick Surtain II (CB Alabama) Draft Profile

Patrick Surtain II (CB Alabama) Draft Profile


Patrick Surtain II (CB Alabama) Draft Profile


Patrick Surtain II comes from an NFL bloodline (his dad was an All-Pro corner) and it shows in his game. Surtain’s ability to read receivers is impeccable, Alabama routinely felt comfortable leaving him on an island knowing receivers wouldn’t get by him very often. His 6-foot-2 203 pound frame is well above average for a corner, combining that with his speed (looks high 4.4’s on film) allows him to keep up with almost any receiver in the nation. Surtain is very rarely thrown to because of his talent, but he plays intermediate-deep balls exceptionally well in the air. 

Cons: Surtain physically looks the part, but doesn’t utilize it to the best of his ability. He was repeatedly abused by Michigan running back Zac Charbonneau in their bowl game and is an inconsistent tackler at best because he doesn’t leverage his frame. Surtain doesn’t have the speed to be used as a consistent blitzer in the NFL and needs to be more physical with receivers on slant or in routes in the open field. Surtain has the ability to be an elite corner, he just needs to use his god-given abilities to take him there in the NFL. 

Overview: Surtain’s talent is obvious on film and the fact that Nick Saban feels comfortable leaving him alone with any receiver in the country is a testament to that. He has all the natural physical tools and intelligence to be a great corner, but the draft isn’t just about natural abilities. Surtain concerns me with his toughness as he is an inconsistent tackler that may have issues at the NFL level and his average speed may be a problem against some NFL receivers and limits his versatility. 

Pro Comp: J.C. Jackson (New England Patriots)

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