Kyle Trask Draft Profile

Kyle Trask Draft Profile


Kyle Trask Draft Profile


Kyle Trask – Quarterback – Florida

Pros: Trask gave fans a lot of reasons to be excited during his first season starting in Gainesville. He showcases great in game intelligence for a talented Florida team that featured many weapons. Trask only threw seven interceptions, so ball security wasn’t much of an issue. Most impressively, Trask is more than comfortable when a play breaks down and has an ability to make something out of a seemingly broken play.

Trask also seems to be aware of his limitations, but uses his limited athleticism to good use especially in the bowl game against Virginia when he ran for 37 yards and a touchdown on eight carries. 

Cons: While there’s a lot of good about Trask, he’s simply an unamazing prospect. Trask lacks the velocity and consistent touch of a legitimate NFL starter. Florida’s system was also filled with NFL talent that aided him, as Florida’s starting running back, along with three receivers were drafted in 2020, and tight end Kyle Pitts is a possible first round pick in 2021. These receivers covered up many of Trask’s flaws. Trask is a nice, but very limited player. 

Comp: AJ McCarron

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