Kyle Pitts Draft Profile

Kyle Pitts Draft Profile


Kyle Pitts Draft Profile


Kyle Pitts – Tight End – Florida

Pros: Pitts looks the part at 6-foot-6 239 pounds, and he has the athleticism of an NFL tight end. In addition to his athleticism, Pitts also has a big catch radius that should translate over to the NFL. He was also used in creative ways by being positioned not only as a classic tight end, but also on the outside.

When played inside along the line-of-scrimmage, Pitts dominated linebackers en route to becoming the team’s second leading receiver. He had his most productive games against great teams putting up 17 catches and 251 yards in games against top-10 teams. Pitts has the build and the athleticism to be an elite tight end at the next level. 

Cons: Pitts is a fantastic prospect, but a simplistic route-runner. If he wants to be effective on the boundary against NFL corners, he will need to work on his release, as well as his creativity within a route. At times he struggled against physical linebackers especially against Georgia. Pitts also isn’t a NFL-ready blocker, but many tight ends face a learning curve in that aspect. 

Pro Comp: Vernon Davis


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