Should the Eagles Sign Another RB?

Should the Eagles Sign Another RB?


Should the Eagles Sign Another RB?


After going through the 2020 NFL Draft, the Eagles refrained from drafting another running back. Although the Eagles have a promising talent in Miles Sanders going into his second year, they have featured power-backs in recent years to serve as short yardage and goal-line backs (Blount, Howard, etc.).

With Sanders having an exceptional rookie year that put him in talks for OROY, some argue that it may be best for the Eagles to let him develop with more carries and not sign another RB. Others, however, believe that signing a free-agent running back has little risk as the contract will likely be low and we would only need those players in certain situations. 

Look at Jordan Howard for example: in 2019, the Eagles traded a 6th round pick for Jordan Howard with a base salary of only $2M that year. That year, Howard rushed for 525 yards with 6 rushing TDs averaging 4.4 YPC (in only 10 games).

Although he wasn’t the Eagles “featured back” — or else they would’ve re-signed him — he was certainly worth the $2M. By signing RBs for cheap and only having them play certain roles, the Eagles’ recent “running back-by-committee” approach has proved to be effective and contractually efficient.

After Howard’s contract expired after the 2019-20 season, he was signed to the Dolphins while the Eagles are left not much worse off without him.

With the Eagles’ running back situation still pending for the 2020-21 season, some names have been floating around for the Eagles to sign. The Eagles have supposedly expressed interest in guys like Carlos Hyde, Devonta Freeman, and even a potential return of Lesean McCoy.

Although these players would likely take away time from Sanders, they all bring something that Boston Scott and Corey Clement don’t. Also, with better pass-blocking, these players can help give Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts more time in the pocket.

By also bringing a different explosiveness into the game, guys like Freeman and Hyde could be excellent signings for the Eagles.

With over 1,300 total yards in his rookie year, it’s likely that Sanders won’t be leaving Philadelphia anytime soon. Although signing another RB would limit his growth and his carries, it would also increase the longevity of his career. This is because instead of letting Sanders get beat up on multiple goal-line situations, the Eagles would have more options if they sign another back.

As long as signing another RB is cheap and/or one of these reliable veterans, the Eagles should have little to risk as well as have more pieces for its already loaded offense in the 2020-21 season.


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