Justin Herbert vs Tyrod Taylor: The Chargers QB Situation for 2020

Justin Herbert vs Tyrod Taylor: The Chargers QB Situation for 2020


Justin Herbert vs Tyrod Taylor: The Chargers QB Situation for 2020


With Phillip Rivers moving onto the Colts in 2020, the Chargers will finally see a new-look at the QB position for this upcoming season. After drafting Oregon QB Justin Herbert with the 6th overall pick, the Chargers have made their intentions clear for the future of their franchise. With that said, veteran QB Tyrod Taylor remains the front-runner to start at the beginning of the 2020 Season.

Going into his 10th year in the NFL, Tyrod Taylor has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career. After winning a Super Bowl with the Ravens as a bench player in the 2012-13 Season, Taylor was able to make a name for himself in Buffalo in 2015.

During his 3-year stint with the Bills, Taylor put up 3,000 passing yards in nearly every year proving to be an adequate dual-threat QB option. In recent years, however; Taylor has primarily remained as a backup — only starting 3 games since 2018. 

After spending a year on the Chargers behind Phillip Rivers, Taylor provides experience and reliability at the QB position. By already knowing the Chargers’ playbook and offensive system, a transition for Taylor into a starting role would be very simple. For most rookie QBs, however; this transition to the NFL can be very difficult.

For Herbert, this might not be a challenge. This is because during Herbert’s 4 years in Oregon, he has shown to be very adaptable as Oregon switched offensive systems 3 times during this span. Throughout all of this, Herbert was able to make adjustments and eventually capitalize during his Junior and Senior seasons with well over 3,000 yards each year.

Justin Herbert possesses enough size, intelligence, and arm strength to succeed in the NFL. On top of this, Herbert has underrated speed that can free himself up and give him time outside of the pocket. Because of this, Herbert was only sacked 24 times on 452 dropbacks in 2019. While Herbert has shown that he’s able to evade sacks, he hasn’t been great when under pressure.

Thankfully for Herbert, some of the Chargers’ top offensive linemen will be returning from injury in 2020 such as Mike Pouncey, Forrest Lamp, and Hunter Henry. With additional time in the pocket and playmakers like Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler, Herbert should have enough tools to become a starter at some point during the season.

Although starting Taylor in 2020 will make sense at the beginning of the season, the Chargers will likely start phasing him out at some point during the year as Herbert develops.

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