A Rematch with Dominick Reyes Should be Next for Jon Jones

A Rematch with Dominick Reyes Should be Next for Jon Jones


A Rematch with Dominick Reyes Should be Next for Jon Jones


It is no secret that after over a decade of dominance in the light heavyweight division, Jon Jones is looking for a new challenge in the UFC. Given that he carries what can be argued as the strongest fighting resumé in the entirety of the UFC, Jones feels that his work is done in his current division and it may be the time to move up in weight.

Despite his leaner build, Jon Jones’ natural weight is typically around 230lbs, so a transition into heavyweight really should not pose him too much trouble physically. 

As most MMA fans have seen circulating around sports media, the UFC is in the works over a potential heavyweight super fight between Jon Jones and title contender Francis Ngannou. It is clear that both the fans and the company want this fight to happen especially given the excessive demand for anything sports nowadays, but the more time passes the less likely it is to happen.

In typical Jon Jones fashion, he has decided to take his fight negotiations to Twitter to show his displeasure with the UFC’s handling of the fight purse. 

The recent controversy surrounding this potential bout has led many including myself doubting if the fight will happen sooner rather than later. Due to the unsure feeling surrounding this fight, I would assume that the UFC are looking for alternatives in case they are unable to make it happen.

These would include matches against other heavyweight contenders such as Jan Blachowitz, or a third fight against Daniel Cormier, but I would argue there is one incredibly realistic fight that needs to happen: a rematch against Dominick Reyes with the light heavyweight title on the line. 

As we saw in UFC 247, despite maintaining his unbeaten record (I don’t count the DQ loss to Matt Hamill as relevant) and keeping his title, Jones looked vulnerable and beatable. Reyes tagged him many times throughout the bout and seemed to have taken rounds away from Jones making it an interesting decision for the judges.

Many fans have since argued that the fight should’ve been ruled either a draw, or possibly even a loss for Jones given Reyes’ surprise moments of dominance throughout the fight. While I will not add fuel to the fire of whether or not Jon Jones deserved to win, it is obvious that this was his toughest fight to date.

With that in mind, I believe it is essential for him to take the rematch that Reyes clearly deserves and look to win in dominant fashion as a way to silence the doubters. By doing so, Jones would leave the light heavyweight division with absolutely no question marks and can be sure to remind everyone why he is in the “GOAT” conversation. 

Let’s make it happen Dana White and the UFC. Sure, the fight against Francis Ngannou would be great to watch, but Reyes proved to the world that he is capable of beating Jon Jones, and he should be given another chance to. He was able to do what many other fighters before him haven’t and give Jones a run for his money. What a fight it is destined to be!

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