The Miami Heat are on the Verge of a Dynasty

The Miami Heat are on the Verge of a Dynasty


The Miami Heat are on the Verge of a Dynasty


Since the big three broke apart after losing the 2014 NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat have not been in championship contention. With the acquisition of two-way star Jimmy Butler and plenty of supporting talent, the Heat are ready to return to dominance in the league.

Before the season was postponed, the team was 4th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 41-24. If this current NBA season is ever finished, the Miami Heat are a dark horse to take the title in 2020.

Through the draft and free agency, the Heat have constructed a team that fits their culture perfectly. Jimmy Butler is the leader of the team, and his teammates have developed some of the same character traits that Butler has shown throughout his career.

His mental toughness and ability to give it all no matter what situation he is in has helped the younger guys on the roster really develop their skills this season.

One player who has really taken a huge step in his career since the arrival of Butler has been third-year big man Bam Adebayo. In his first two years with the Heat, Adebayo was nothing more than a role player. This season, the former Kentucky Wildcat has taken his game to another level averaging 16.2 points per game along with 10.5 rebounds per game.

He has also been a very underrated playmaker at 6’9 having 5.1 assists per game as well. This increase in production led to Bam making his first All-Star appearance this season giving the Miami Heat two elite all-stars to build around for the future.

Besides Butler and Adebayo, the Heat have struck gold with plenty of their role players in the last few seasons. Goran Dragic, a starter for most of his career, took a role off the bench and is averaging over 16 points per game. Kendrick Nunn, who went undrafted after the 2018 NBA Draft, has been an excellent piece for the team in the starting lineup. Duncan Robinson, another young player who went undrafted in 2018, has been one of the best shooters in the league this season.

Robinson ranks third in the league in total threes with 243 makes at 44.8% giving the Heat another shooter for years to come. Besides the stars on the Heat, the role players have played a significant role into the team’s excellent record this season.

Last season, the Miami Heat had a very disappointing campaign missing the playoffs with a record of 39-43. This meant that the team would be receiving a lottery pick in the upcoming draft certainly giving themselves a chance to get a very productive player. 

With the 13th pick, the Heat took Tyler Herro a 6’5 shooting guard out of Kentucky. Herro most definitely fits the current NBA play style, as good shooting plays a key role in the success of any team in 2020.

Herro has been a consistent contributor off the bench all year for the team averaging nearly 13 points per game on 41.4% from the field and 39.1% from three. Herro is only 20 years old, and there is no reason why he cannot become an elite player with the Miami Heat.

With the Heat getting off to such a great start this season, they decided to make a trade that would announce their plans to win now. Andre Iguodala, who is best known for his excellent defense against LeBron James in the NBA Finals the past few years, was looking for a way out of Memphis. Iguodala had not played a single game for the Grizzlies, and wanted to join a championship contender at some point during the season.

The Heat decided to go all in and make a trade for the three-time champion. Yes, they had to send Justise Winslow, their 2015 first round pick, but they also got a solid wing defender in Jae Crowder. This signaled to the league that the Heat were looking to get another NBA title in 2020. 

Another key part of the Miami Heat that goes really unnoticed is the coaching. Besides the great players the Heat have, their coach is one of the best in the business and deserves a lot of credit for what the Miami Heat have created in recent years.

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra has been with the organization since 1997 starting as an Assistant Coach before getting the head coach job in 2008.  Spoelstra brought Miami two championships during the “Big 3” years, and there’s no question why he cannot do the same with the current Heat roster.

Whether or not this season ever gets resumed, the Miami Heat are set up for plenty of success with all their young talent on the current roster. There is no question Jimmy Butler is a legitimate star and Bam Adebayo is a star in the making as well. The Heat are stacked with solid role players who know what their role is and how to help the team individually.

I fully expect Erik Spolestra to continue his excellence as the coach of the Heat and lead this team back to the top of the league. With this current roster full of talent, I believe the Heat will get multiple championships in this decade.


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