Why the MLB Needs to Mic Up Their Players

Why the MLB Needs to Mic Up Their Players


Why the MLB Needs to Mic Up Their Players


Over the years, professional sports have evolved in so many different ways in order to make them better and more enjoyable for fans. Recently the NFL has benefited from the inside access they give fans. Specifically when talking about the feature that they have called “Mic’d Up,” where players or coaches are given a microphone during the game, and while they are talking, fans will be able to hear what they say. 

The NFL usually doesn’t let the audience hear what’s going on during the game from players and coaches, and if they do, it’s very brief. What Major League Baseball needs to do is take a page from the NFL and start to incorporate Mic’d Up for players during games in order to make the sport more interesting and give their fans something to look forward to. 

A reason why this could be so useful for the MLB is that baseball is not trending upwards compared to the other big sports in America. Most people don’t like baseball because of how long the games are. Unlike other sports, baseball is not timed, as it goes by innings, so you don’t really know how long a game may go. 

As a result of this, the MLB has been thinking of ways to speed up the game in order to not lose viewership and to keep people interested. Luckily, Major League Baseball has started to tinker with the concept of having players Mic’d Up during games.

They first started using it during last year’s All-Star Game, where Atlanta Braves First Baseman Freddie Freeman was Mic’d Up during parts of the game, and fans got to see what goes through the head of a batter when they are at the plate, or when they are in the field playing a position. 

Mic’d up has been used during Spring Training exhibition games to give the fans something to look forward to, and it was very successful, as many fans really enjoyed listening to their favorite players talk during the games. As they would learn stuff that they may not know and get insight as well during games. A perfect example is a video of Texas Rangers player Joey Gallo during this Spring Training game.

If the MLB wants to continue to grow and give their fans reasons to watch games, having players and coaches Mic’d Up during the regular season will help tremendously. 

Fans may not hear the audio in real-time, but they could be able to hear what was happening following the game. Think of all the avenues this could open up for the MLB, as it would give the league the chance to showcase their players’ personalities, give their fans a chance to see them in a different way, and give baseball a chance to make more money. The only question the MLB must answer to their fans is “why not?”


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