Henry Ruggs III Film Review

Henry Ruggs III Film Review


Henry Ruggs III Film Review


I decided to do this film review on Ruggs because a ton of people view the Alabama standout as being a one dimensional receiver, but he’s far from that. Here’s what you need to know about Henry Ruggs III:

SPEED: Ruggs’ best attribute is his dangerous speed (4.28 40 yard dash) and it shows on his film. He is able to stretch the field and force defensive coordinators to play conservative coverage with a deep safety or man coverage with a cushion.

ROUTE RUNNING: The biggest misconception of Ruggs is that people believe he is a speedster and nothing else, but he has shown the ability to run the full route tree against the best corners (Kristian Fulton LSU) and has tremendous technique (shown in the Video^^^).

His technique allows him to be more than a deep play guy, as he can also work the middle of the field, the corner routes, the screen game, and slants as well.

ATHLETICISM: His tape reveals a highly athletic receiver who can make spectacular catches all over the field, and this is further cemented by having the 2nd best Vertical Jump among receivers at the Combine as well as the 4th best broad jump.

Conclusion: From now until he takes his first snap in an NFL Offense, you’ll hear the comparisons to Tyreek Hill and the concern about his lack of production in college, but in the NFL, he will immediately give an offense a threat in the passing game as a #2 option.

He will never be a target monster, but he will be used all over the formation and keep defenses on their toes. He’s currently the 3rd ranked wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft and will be a top 20 selection. Don’t be surprised if a team like the Eagles trade up to select him.


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