NFL Week 10 Picks Against the Spread

NFL Week 10 Picks Against the Spread


NFL Week 10 Picks Against the Spread


All odds are by way of SportsLine betting

We are in store for a HUGE week of football. With the standings starting to settle, teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Carolina Panthers are fighting to get a spot in the playoffs. One theme about this week is about HALF of these games are being played in cold weather with temperatures of 50 degrees or lower. Without much further ado, let’s get into my picks….


Seahawks (+6) at 49ers

This has the potential to be the game of the year as it’s a divisional match-up between two of the NFC’s top contenders. Divisional games are always close and competitive, especially primetime NFC West games. Give me the Seahawks(+6) to win straight up and cover the spread.

Seahawks 27-26

Rams (-3.5) at Steelers

The Steelers are riding a 3 game win streak with a rejuvenated defense ranked 2nd in the league in forced turnovers. This defense is very dangerous, but with the Rams coming off of a bye, I’ll bet on Sean McVay and this Rams offense to perform better than a Steelers offense who are without James Conner and will have WR JuJu Smith-Schuster being shadowed by top CB Jalen Ramsey. Give me the Rams(-3.5) to win and cover the spread.

Rams 23-17.

Cardinals (+5) at Buccaneers

The Bucs have been TERRIBLE at winning close games this season including losing in OT to Seattle, a last second score to the Giants and by 4 points to the Titans. This will be a close game, but with the Cardinals having the least turnovers in the NFL and Jameis Winston having the second most of any QB, this is an easy choice. Give me the Cardinals(+5) to win straight up and cover the spread.

Cardinals 30-27

Chiefs (-6) at Titans

Really easy choice here as Mahomes is returning and they’re coming off a HUGE, convincing win against the Minnesota Vikings. Although Ryan Tannehill has looked good for the Titans, the Chiefs are just the better team. Give me the Chiefs to win and cover.

Chiefs 27-13

The Rest

Dolphins (+10.5) at Colts

The Colts are without TY Hilton and Jacoby Brissett is a game time decision. The Dolphins got their first win last week so I thought Vegas would be nicer to them but I guess not. Give me the Colts to win but the Dolphins to cover(too many points).

Colts 24-16.

Falcons at Saints (-13)

The Saints are the best team in the league right now, plain and simple. Even though this is a divisional match-up, the Saints are going to light it up and never let up. Give me the Saints to win and cover.

Saints 34-20

Vikings (+3) at Dallas

Go to your wallet, get a quarter, and flip it. That’s how you’ll determine the winner of this game as it’s a true tossup, but I’ll go with the team that has the better running game and defense this season to win an entertaining game. Give me the Vikings(+3) to win straight up and cover the spread. 

Vikings 31-30.

Lions at Bears (-2.5)

As terrible as this Bears offense is, there’s something about the Bears playing at home that I like this week. The Lions are too inconsistent for me to bet on them and this is a perfect situation for the Bears to feed David Montgomery. Give me the Bears to win and cover a close one. 

Bears 17-14.

Panthers (+5) at Packers

Lambeau Field is going to be COOOOLD. 30 degrees to be exact. The Packers are fired up after getting embarrassed by the Chargers. The Panthers O won’t allow the Packers D to feast on turnovers which means this is a close game. Give me the Packers to win but Panthers to cover. 

Packers 20-17

Bills at Browns (-2.5)

There is no reason, ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why anyone should bet on the Browns, and with 80% of the public betting on the Bills that gives more reason not to bet on them. Just for that I’m betting on the Browns to rebound, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but they will win this game.

Browns 20-16

Ravens at Bengals(+10)

The Ravens are riding high after a HUGE win on SNF, combined with playing a divisional rival at home spells for a close game. Ryan Finley gets his first start for the Bengals and I believe he has a good enough game to keep it within 10. Give me the Ravens to win but the Bengals to cover.

Ravens 23-14

Giants at Jets (+2.5)

Here is this weeks tank bowl. Both teams are jokes but I’m really intrigued to see how Daniel Jones vs. Sam Darnold plays out. I’ll take Darnold and Le’Veon Bell to finally have a good game. Give me the Jets to win and cover. 

Jets 24-21.


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