NBA Win Total Predictions Ahead of 2019-20 Season Tip-Off

NBA Win Total Predictions Ahead of 2019-20 Season Tip-Off


NBA Win Total Predictions Ahead of 2019-20 Season Tip-Off


They say life is too short to bet the under, but I love the under win totals for this NBA season. There are quite a few teams that are receiving a lot of undeserved credit that has inflated their win total. The biggest offender being my lock of the season.

Lock of the Season

Indiana Pacers Under 47.5

Victor Oladipo is the heart and soul of this Pacers team, and he is out of action for the foreseeable future. It is possible that Oladipo will not return to action by January, and he will most likely be restricted in the minutes he plays at that point.

I see the Pacers missing the playoffs without Oladipo as they do not have a roster that can succeed in his absence. These Pacers look like a 35 win team at best.

The Over Lock

Detroit Pistons Over 37.5

I love the Over 37.5 wins for the Pistons. Blake Griffin is coming back better than ever and will lead Detroit to the playoffs with at least 42 wins.

It is unlikely that the Pistons trade Blake to rebuild, so they will be all in on winning this year, which is great for the over. This team won 41 games last year, so over 37.5 wins is totally possible.

New York Knicks Under 27.5

The Knicks won 17 games last year, and they did not get better in the off-season. They did not get the #1 pick in the draft like they wanted, and they could not secure any max-deal free agents as well.

This New York team has another 17-65 season written all over them. I would be shocked if they even come close to 27 wins.

New Orleans Pelicans Under 38.5

This line may fluctuate with the news of #1 pick Zion Williamson tearing his meniscus. I would not be surprised if the Pelicans end up sitting Zion the entire way of his rookie season. Without Zion, this team is going to lose a lot of games.


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