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NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys Breakdown Part 3

The NHL released 31 brand new jerseys on Monday inspired by each team’s past. The “reverse retro” jerseys put a fun spin on a previously worn uniform. These uniforms take vibrant colors and combine them with traditional logos and designs. This is the first time in recent memory that the NHL has released a new uniform for every team all at one time. This was a brilliant idea by the NHL as not only will it generate revenue through sales but will grow the game by creating internet hype and different looking uniforms than most other sports. These are my rankings of the “reverse retro” jerseys ten through one.

10. New York Rangers

Adidas Reverse Retro: New York Rangers unveil Lady Liberty jersey -  Blueshirt Banter

The Rangers are bringing it back to the glory days of Mark Messier with the 1996 inspired jerseys. The Rangers are taking a very simplistic approach to the reverse retro theme by debuting the mostly navy-blue jersey with white and red bands of the sleeves below the numbers. The chest features the “Lady Liberty” logo and the red “NYR” abbreviation below it. The shoulders showcase the Rangers’ traditional shield logo.

  1. Buffalo Sabres

Sabres' reverse retro jersey a 'fun sidebar' to franchise's uniform history  | Buffalo Sabres News |

The Sabres are going back to the year 2000. Their reverse retro jerseys are identical to the black and red threads the team wore at the turn of the century, but this time they are in the club’s current blue and yellow. The crossing swords on the front of the jersey are the team’s namesake. The bottom of the jersey showcases a thick blue stripe outlined with yellow and reads “BUFFALO” inside. The shoulders bear the classic buffalo head in all white outlined by blue and gold.

  1. Colorado Avalanche 

Colorado Avalanche to honor Quebec Nordiques on 'Reverse Retro' jersey

The Avalanche are heading north and plunging into the Nordique past. The 1979 Quebec Nordiques inspired jerseys have a Colorado twist to them. Instead of the classic red, the jerseys have adopted the avalanche maroon to go with the light blue accents. The white jerseys also feature the French “fleur de lis” across the bottom and on the shoulders.

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

NHL Reverse Retro jerseys: See all 31 new looks – The Athletic

The Hurricanes are going back to their Hartford roots with this 1979 jersey concept. These reverse retros are primarily gray with the classic whale tail logo on the chest. The bottom of the jersey and sleeves have a pattern of blue, white, and green stripes. No Whalers jersey would be complete without the smiley, green whale on the shoulders. The Whaler jerseys are truly one of the most classic jerseys in NHL history.

  1. Anaheim Ducks


The Ducks have done the unthinkable and thrown it back to 1995, but with a twist. The front of the jersey depicts the Mighty Duck himself shooting out of a teal lake ready for action. The teal shoulders have the old-school Duck’s goalie mask with two hockey sticks crossing under it. A unique thing about these jerseys are that the font of the player name appears to be written in some sort of script-print hybrid.

  1. Calgary Flames

Blasty from the past': Calgary Flames release reverse retro jersey for 2021  season | CTV News

The Flames are throwing it back to 1998 with their reverse retro jerseys. The mostly black jersey features a fire-breathing horse head on the chest. This is one of the coolest logos in NHL history and I am so glad they brought it back. The shoulders showcase a white “Calgary C” while the bottom and sleeves have red and yellow diagonal lines.

  1. Arizona Coyotes 

I am absolutely in love with these Coyotes uniforms from 1998. The field of purple with the jagged coyote head screams 90’s. In addition to this, the bottom of the jersey features a digital desert landscape complete with cacti and all. The shoulders feature what appears to be a Gila monster, which is a type of venomous lizard native to the American southwest. 

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins

The NHL's Reverse Retro Jerseys are so Much Better Than the NBA's City Edit  | Complex

The Penguins are throwing it back to 1997 with the Mario Lemieux era jerseys. The white jerseys may be the cleanest of the 31. The word Pittsburgh is spelled out diagonally across the front of the jersey. There is a small yellow stripe and thick black band around the bottom. The shoulders simply show an inverted Penguin logo. There is no surprise that owner Mario Lemieux signed off on these jerseys as he won multiple scoring titles while dawning these threads.

  1. Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals release design of new Reverse Retro jersey featuring  the Screaming Eagle on red

The Capitals are throwing it back to 1997 with their reverse retro threads. The “screeching eagle” logo has made an appearance, but this time it is blue on a field of red. The bottom of the jersey features a diagonal red, white, and blue stripe with the word “CAPITALS” inside. The shoulders feature an image of the U.S. Capitol building. 

  1. Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers adidas Reverse Retro Jersey Unveiled

The Panthers are throwing it back to 1996 with their original “jumping panther” logo, but this time it is on a field of navy blue. The shoulders of the jersey are red outlined by tan and have the “palm tree and hockey stick” logo. The bottom of the jersey and sleeves have two solid lines of red and white. These are, in my opinion, the best of the reverse retro series. I personally hope that Florida considers working these in permanently for the future.

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