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What Should be Your NFL Team’s Off-Season Goal?

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin to celebrate and the Kansas City Chiefs start to mourn, the rest of the league has already started their offseason plans. Even though the season has concluded, we are entering the time where all Super Bowl rosters are starting to be constructed. This upcoming offseason could easily be the most exciting one the NFL has ever seen. There are numerous Quarterback questions and draft rumors that will be answered in the following months, and with that, the future of teams can change rather quickly. Just like every regular season, every team has an offseason goal. Let’s take a look at what your favorite team should be doing in this important off season. 

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Off-season goal: Make life easy for Trevor Lawrence 

Trevor Lawrence has been locked in at the first overall pick since his historic freshman season at Clemson. That being said, Jacksonville could not have picked a better year to pull a 1-15 record, leading them right to Lawrence. The Jags number one priority is to make their rookie QB as comfortable as possible. They should take notes from the Bengals adjustments with Burrow, and then do the complete opposite.

Jacksonville currently has one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, and that has to improve if they want to keep a healthy Lawrence on the field. Improving the line will also allow rookie stand out, James Robinson, to continue his success. When the offensive line is giving the backfield running lanes and time to throw, it creates a very easy life for the Quarterback and will result in plenty of shine from Trevor Lawrence. 

New York Jets 

Off-season goal: Embrace a short rebuild 

The Jets have been an embarrassment over the last few years but times could be changing fast. They have an obvious need for more talent on their roster but lucky for them, they are in a prime position to acquire those needs in this offseason. The Jets have five picks in the first three rounds, including the second overall pick. They also have a great deal of cap space to bring in the right free agents. If they decide to move on from Quarterback Sam Darnold, not only will they have even more picks, but they also will be drafting an even more promising Quarterback.

With the hire of Robert Saleh, this team should have a rewarding addition of talent through free agency. Supposing they play their cards right in both the draft and free agency, we could see a very short turn around just like the Dolphins accomplished this past season. 

Houston Texans 

Off-season goal: Start from scratch 

What an eventful few months it has been for this organization. The Texans currently have two franchise players that want anything other than being a part of this team. Instead of dragging this situation on, they need to blow up and trade Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt ASAP. The longer they wait to trade them, the lower their value becomes. There are plenty of teams who will give an arm and a leg for these superstars and the Texans need to take advantage of that. The job is simple, they need to free up as much money as possible and add multiple picks in order to overhaul this roster. 

Atlanta Falcons 

Off-season goal: Prepare for the post Matt Ryan era 

The Falcons offense has been the main reason for them being a great team over the last few years. They have some good, young talent but also battled many injuries which led them to picking fourth in this year’s NFL draft. They should take advantage of that and prepare for life without Matt Ryan. Ryan will be 36 when the season starts and adding a young talented Quarterback for him to mentor for his remaining time could work wonders. An up and coming Quarterback throwing to Calvin Ridley and with the new Head Coach Arthur Smith, there looks to be a strong path of success for this Falcons offense. 

Cincinnati Bengals 

Off-season goal: Build the trenches 

A lot of people know what the Bengals biggest necessity is right now. After doing almost nothing to improve the Offensive Line last year, it is even more important now. Hopefully Joe Burrow’s freak injury opened their eyes on how important it is to protect the face of your franchise. The Bengals have a great shot to add whoever they see is the best Offensive Lineman in this draft with the fifth overall pick. Not to mention they also have plenty of money to add a veteran in free agency.

The Defensive Line is also in need of some help. Brining in DJ Reader last year was huge but with the future of Geno Atkins and Carl Lawson up in the air, this position could need help fast. The Bengals had one of the worst run defenses in the NFL for most of the year and that is not ideal in the AFC North. Both the Offensive and Defensive lines are in desperate need of some more talent. 

Philadelphia Eagles 

Off-season goal: Find an identity 

Last season did not go as planned for the Eagles as they finished in last place in the worst division in football. This team has had plenty of success over the last few years, including a championship, but now they find themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum. A lot of the confusion came when the team drafted Quarterback Jalen Hurts while also paying Carson Wentz a ton of money. Now they are stuck with two talented, yet very different players at the most important position on the field.

New Head Coach Nick Sirianni needs to choose a starter and embrace it. Going back and forth will add more stress to these guys and make them play worse than what they are capable of. Finding and embracing this chosen identity is going to be very important for the team.

Detroit Lions 

Off-season goal: Continue to embrace the rebuild 

The Lions have been all over the headlines lately with their blockbuster trade. Detroit moved on from fan favorite Quarterback Matthew Stafford and added a much younger Jared Goff along with three future draft picks. This move helped set up a better future for the team. They also have the seventh overall pick this year and added future picks from the Rams. They can go a number of different ways with their selection this year but if this team can keep adding picks, their future will keep getting brighter. They drafted a promising Running Back last year in D’Andre Swift, so if new General Manager Brad Holmes can nail these next few drafts, the Lions will be in a great spot. 

Carolina Panthers 

Off-season goal: Improve the Quarterback position 

This team started last offseason by moving on from Cam Newton and signing Teddy Bridgewater. While they had the right idea, the Bridgwater signing did not work as well as they were hoping. This team has way too many weapons to not be one of the top offenses in the NFL. They have DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and arguably the best Running Back in the league, Christan McCaffrey. If they can manage to bring back free agent Curtis Samuel, their offensive gets even better.

Finding a Quarterback they believe in could take this offense to the next level. They could do this by adding a veteran in free agency or via trade, but they could also add one in this year’s draft. Whatever route they decide to take, offensive gurus Matt Rhule and Joe Brady should have no trouble improving this offense. 

Denver Broncos 

Off-season goal: Continue adding talent 

This Broncos team has done very well in adding talent over the last few years, especially on the offensive end. They have added Jerry Jeudy, Noah Fant, Melvin Gordon, Phillip Lindsay, and Courtland Sutton. That is a very talented list of players but this team has yet to put it all together. I say continue to add talent because there are two routes I can see them going.

The first one is adding talent to the Quarterback position and trading for a proven vet. The second option is to add talent on the defensive side of the ball. This offense has plenty of weapons so if they choose to stick with Drew Lock, adding talent to this defense could lead to major improvements. 

Dallas Cowboys 

Off-season goal: Retain Dak Prescott and improve the defense 

The Cowboys season obviously ended when Dak Prescott went down with a horrible ankle injury in week five against the Giants. The Cowboys should not be messing around with Dak, as they need to extend him if they want to remain competitive. Once they lock him up, the defense becomes the main focus. This defense was horrible the entire year. If this team wants to win and have a legit shot, the defense needs major improvements. The Cowboys need to attack this side of the ball in both free agency and in the draft. 

New York Giants 

Off-season goal: Make life easier for Daniel Jones 

Daniel Jones has not lived up to expectations but he has shown enough promise to keep his job. Everyone knows Jones has turnover issues that have plagued him so far in his young career. The Giants need to put him in a position where he has to do as little as possible, making his life easier. They can do this in a number of ways.

The first way is to keep giving him more weapons. The more talent he has to throw to, the more confident he will be. The second way is to continue building the Offensive Line. They spent a number of picks last year, including the fourth overall pick, on this position and having a better line will give Jones more time to throw and it creates better lanes for Saquon Barkley to run through. More time to throw and having a solid run game will slow the game down for Jones.

The third and final way is to continue to improve their defense. Last year the Giants defense was surprisingly impressive. If this defense can get even better, then Jones will have to do even less. All of these options are things that would make life easier for Daniel Jones and could all lead to more success for the Giants. 

San Francisco 49ers 

Off-season goal: Find a future Quarterback 

The 49ers have a great all around football team, but have no clear answer at Quarterback. They invested a lot in Jimmy Garoppolo a few years ago and it has not worked out as well as they wanted. Every time a Quarterback wants to be traded, the 49ers always seem to be in the conversation as a landing spot. They could try to make a huge splash via trade and bring in a big name like Deshaun Watson, but we all know the price will be very steep. They could also look to add a Quarterback in the draft and allow him to sit and learn for a year under Garoppolo. Whatever the 49ers decide to do this offseason, the Quarterback position should always be in the conversation. 

Los Angeles Chargers 

Off-season goal: Build around Justin Herbert 

The Chargers are in a very good spot. They found their franchise Quarterback who just produced one of the best seasons for a rookie at his position and ended the year winning four straight. This team clearly has a lot of talent and the Chargers need to keep adding to that on both sides of the ball. They still have a lot to improve on since they had one of the worst Offensive Lines in the NFL and also lacked depth at almost every skill position. Adding to that depth of the defense will be important since it was decimated with injuries this year. If the Chargers can improve their Offensive Line and give Herbert more weapons while staying healthy on defense, this team will be scary sooner rather than later. 

Minnesota Vikings 

Off-season goal: Improve the defense 

The Vikings have plenty of talent on the offense with Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and rookie stand out Justin Jefferson. The defense is what needs the most work. They attempted to do this last offseason by trading for Yannick Ngakoue, but as we all know that did not work out as he was traded away weeks later. Minnesota also spent nine draft picks on defense.

They need to attack this offseason the same way they did last year but they just need it to work out better this time around. Improving this defense is very important if they want to make the postseason. 

New England Patriots 

Off-season goal: Add plenty of talent to the offense 

As we all know this Patriots team was not what we are used to seeing. The first post Tom Brady season was not a fun one in New England. The Patriots will always have a respectable defense but they need to make sure the offense is never this bad again. They have major holes at some very important positions in today’s NFL. They need a Quarterback, multiple Wide Receivers, and also depth at every other position. This offense needs some rework this offseason but finding a Quarterback should be at the top of the list. 

Arizona Cardinals 

Off-season goal: Improve the defense 

The Cardinals could not ask for much more from their offense. Having Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins on the same team will also allow them to score plenty of points. The biggest room for improvement has to be on the defense. The Cardinals have had a top Cornerback for a long time in Patrick Peterson, but his age is catching up on him and they can’t rely on him forever. They also have Chandler Jones who is in a similar situation. On top of all that, breakout Outside Linebacker Haason Reddick is a free agent. They have to get more playmakers on the defensive side of the ball if they don’t want to waste this Murray to Hopkins connection. 

Las Vegas Raiders 

Off-season goal: Add defensive playmakers 

I think everyone knows the Raiders priority should be the defense. The Raiders have tried to address this area for a few years but nothing has worked out. They signed Cory Littleton but that did not work out very well as he missed 15 tackles last year. Las Vegas tried to add young talent in the secondary with Johnathan Abram and Damon Arnette, but they have struggled and have not been able to stay on the field. I would expect the Raiders to spend big on their defense in free agency and get someone who would have an immediate impact. The Raiders won six of their first ten games, so improving the defense will help keep that success.

Miami Dolphins 

Off-season goal: Improve the offense 

The Dolphins were one of the most improved teams in the NFL this year but their offense was not the reason. The Dolphins defense was one of the most complete, well rounded units in the NFL. Last offseason they tried to improve the offense by drafting Tua Tagovailoa, signing Jordan Howard, and trading for Matt Breida. As we all know two of those things did not work out and a number of people were disappointed in Tua.

The Dolphins could go all in and send a huge package for Deshaun Watson. Adding Watson would make them contenders right away, but let’s just say they do decide to stick with Tua. If Tua is the starter they simply need to get him more weapons. He did not have the most impressive year but that can also come from not having the best supporting cast. Improving this offense by either trading for Watson, or building around Tua will get them closer to a championship. 

Washington Football Team 

Off-season goal: Upgrade at Quarterback 

Washington has some of the best young talent in the NFL. The only position they do not have settled for the future is a Quarterback. This team got to the playoffs because of their defense and nearly upset the Buccaneers. Finding their franchise Quarterback could really make this team elite. They have the 19th pick in the draft, so they could use that to try to address this need but more than likely there will not be anyone there worth taking. The Football Team will have to turn to the trade block and free agency to find a Quarterback that can lead this team to where they want to be. 

Chicago Bears 

Off-season goal: Improve the offense 

The Bears are another team that will be trying to address the Quarterback position this offseason. If the Bears can upgrade at Quarterback they should do it no matter what, but this team also needs playmakers. Everyone knows the situation with star Wide Receiver Allen Robinson, as he is scheduled to be a free agent this summer and there is a good shot he doesn’t return to the Windy City. If Robinson does not return, that creates a MAJOR need at Wide Receiver on a team that already lacks depth at that position. The Bears have historically been a defensive team but their offense is in need of improvements if they want to be a legit threat anytime soon. 

Indianapolis Colts

Off-season goal: Find a Quarterback for the present 

The Colts did this same thing last year by adding Quarterback Philip Rivers. As we all know Rivers announced his retirement after a long NFL career, which now leaves the Colts with a big hole at the position. Indianapolis are clearly in a win now mentality, which is why they need a Quarterback for the upcoming year. The Colts have a very talented defense and a great Offensive Line, so any free agent Quarterback or one that wants to be traded there would be in a great spot. This team is dedicated to win now and getting the right Quarterback could be what it takes to reach their goals. 

Tennessee Titans 

Off-season goal: Improve the defense 

The Titans have one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL, but the thing holding them back is their defense. This Titans defense has a lot to fix this offseason. They struggled to pressure the Quarterback and even when they did, their secondary would leave someone wide open. Tennessee needs a number of new faces on that side of the ball. I would expect most of their offseason additions and draft picks being spent on the defense. The Titans have no problem scoring the football, but if they want to keep being a legit threat their defense needs to improve drastically. 

Seattle Seahawks 

Off-season goal: Establish old Seahawks football 

This team is way too talented to not be more successful. The Seahawks need to get back to what used to work for them. A few years ago many considered them to be one of the best teams in football, and now not so much. This team used to thrive in the running game and playing smash mouth defense, which are two things they did not do at all this year. Improving this defense and creating a more balanced offensive attack will be very important if the Seahawks want to get back to where they once were. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 

Off-season goal: Prepare for the post Big Ben era 

Ben Roethlisberger has been the face of their franchise for a long time and that time is coming to an end. They have seen what their back ups can do as Big Ben missed most of last year and no one was impressed. They made an interesting signing by bringing in former first round pick Dwayne Haskins after he was waived by Washington. There’s a chance they want to try to turn his career around but that cannot be their only plan. The Steelers are in a good spot to remain competitive this upcoming year, but the future of the Quarterback position should be considered in every decision that is made. 

Los Angeles Rams 

Off-season goal: Continue going all in

We have all had time to digest the blockbuster trade the Rams were a part of. After trading multiple picks and starting Quarterback Jared Goff for Matthew Stafford, it is clear the Rams are in win now mode. The Rams have one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL and adding an elite Quarterback improves the offense greatly. They have a two year window until Stafford’s contract is up and they should do whatever it takes to win a Super Bowl in that timeframe. The Rams have put themselves in a great spot to compete but they should not stop here. 

Cleveland Browns 

Off-season goal: Add depth 

The Browns have their fair share of big names in the NFL, however, it is still a team sport. Cleveland has a top heavy roster on both sides of the ball and adding better depth behind them could lead to more continued success. This issue was seen more on the defensive side than any. The defense is headlined by Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward, but when one or both of these guys went out, we saw their respective unit struggle pretty bad. The future is bright in Cleveland but having depth to deal with whatever issues arise is going to be important for their success. 

Baltimore Ravens 

Off-season goal: Give Lamar Jackson more help 

The Ravens have their franchise Quarterback and they need to keep giving him help. This should be done in whatever way the Ravens see fit. Most people want them to add an elite Wide Receiver to help improve Lamar Jackson’s passing. They could also add more talent to the Offensive Line so that running the ball is even easier, and when he does choose to throw, he has more time to do so. Whatever the Ravens think is the best way to give Lamar more help is, they need to do so this offseason if they want to win a championship with him at Quarterback. 

New Orleans Saints 

Off-season goal: Plan for the future at the Quarterback position 

With Drew Brees almost out of the picture officially, the Saints need to find a future at Quarterback. They have Taysom Hill under contract and that’s it. Everyone assumes Jameis Winston will be back but no one knows that for a fact since he is a free agent. They can always try to trade for a Quarterback but it will be hard with their cap situation. They currently do not have a high enough pick to land one of the top guys in the draft so that leaves them stuck in the middle. I would expect the Saints to find a bridge Quarterback that can be there for a few years while they find or develop their next franchise guy. Whatever they choose to do, the future of this position needs to be considered. 

Green Bay Packers 

Off-season goal: Do not do what you did last off-season

The Packers are clearly talented but they pretty much did nothing last offseason. Green Bay could use depth at Wide Receiver and almost everywhere on defense. This defense is what needs the most work so adding some talent there should be very high on their list. Adding another weapon for Aaron Rodgers could make this offense unstoppable. Both sides of the ball can be improved and doing so will make this team even scarier. Lastly, the Packers need to draft better. Their 2020 draft had basically no impact on their team this year and that can not happen ever again. 

Buffalo Bills 

Off-season goal: Create a balanced offense 

This Bills team was a pleasant surprise for most. Buffalo was led and carried by the play of Quarterback Josh Allen. While Allen had a crazy year, the team fell short in the AFC championship by losing to the Chiefs. There’s no doubt that this offense was impressive but there’s also no question it was one sided. We saw them solely rely on the arm of Josh Allen during the playoffs as they handed the ball off 30 times during their three playoff games. When one half of the offense is not being used, it makes the other half that much harder. Creating a balanced offensive attack could help take not only the offense but the team itself to new heights. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

Off-season goal: Add quality depth 

We all saw what happened in the Super Bowl, so that goes to show how important this is. The Chiefs were missing several starters on the Offensive Line and had people playing out of position in the most important game of their season. Not having quality depth at an important position resulted in Tampa Bay dominating this game. Adding quality depth at Wide Receiver would also go a long way for this team. The Chiefs are filled with big names but it’s not always the big names that win you the big games. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Off-season goal: Go all in… again 

The Buccaneers were extremely impressive in the Super Bowl, as they won in every aspect of the game, so what do they do now? They need to keep going all in. We saw what Tom Brady can do on the field but we also saw who he can attract to be on the field with him. We know, at least we think, Brady can’t play forever so adding more talent and trying to be the first team to repeat in 17 years should be their only goal.

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